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You have been travelling for a while now, and it almost feels like it has been a lifetime since you last had a chance to rest. Visiting place after place, perhaps the next kingdom is where you will finally settle down, at least for a few years. There are some other places and things you still wanted to see, like the ice elves of mountainous Belfeirst, the animal-like people of Vescatel, the fae of the forest Modirfjord… but something just drew you to Roliana, which shares borders with all of those stranger lands.

As you wait in a line that weaves before the growing capitol’s gate, you don’t notice the eyes of others as they studied you, wondering what has you so excited. You hold your breath as the gates open for the morning and people push their way through, making way to the shops and to their homes. A guard stops you, recognizing a newcomer when he sees one.

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