Roliana • Money Grab 2017

An Annual Tribute

Once every 365 days, the celestial beings that govern over the world of Roliana demand a tribute of gold and silver. It is said that, should the demands not be met, that all will cease to exist. The temple oracle Kasha rallies the citizens to keep the gods at bay, offering specially crafted items in exchange for donations. This time of year is known as "The Paying of the Server Bill."

This year, Kasha has teamed up with Salon de Beaute to offer glimmering locks of hair to those who contribute to the cause. Generous patrons may purchase special collections of hair that is woven from thin strands of platinum and gold. Due to the craft involved and scarcity of such materials, there are a limited number available!

Locks of Gold - $10
A collection of all of Salon de Beaute's featured styles, crafted in glittering gold.

3 remaining!
Locks of Platinum - $15
A collection of all of Salon de Beaute's featured styles, crafted in polished platinum.

0 remaining!

This comes with a recolor request for any 2016-2017 Monthly Item!

This promotion is for a limited time only and will be over on July 31st, or when the items sell out (whichever comes first!)

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