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Just noticed the online signal and ran over here to check if it were new or if it had always been there and I simply didn’t see it! xD

With the inventory thing though. Just noticed, not only is my equipped list still below my items, the items are now below my avatar? D:
@ivydoodle I checked my inventory just to see if I had the same problem and I am not. Interesting.
Page numbers were not where they should be and/or there were 3 dots that should be between number 2 and last page, but didn't not show up at the right spot. This has now been fixed too!

@ivydoodle: :astonished: gosh I have no idea why it would do that. Did you do the following:
Clear your cache and refresh the page. The fixes should show up. If it still doesn't show up, you may need to close your web browser and restart it (especially in the case of the missing favicon bug that now has been fixed)
Other than that I don't know why it's not doing what it should be doing x_X
Yah I did all that when this announcement first went up. Just never went around checking everything to see if it were working.

I’ll do it again though to make sure.

EDIT: Nope still the same. Checked the shops too and the NPC’s are the same. Also don’t have the shop banners along the top, sure they were there before D:

But like I said my laptop is on the fritz, might just be me.
@ivydoodle : okay that must be your laptop being all fritzy, because those shop banners along the top have always been there :laughing: Maybe it's your browser clashing with something. I really don't know T_T
@Shiyura I’m using Safari, no idea how to find those other things out, Soz.

Other fixes that have worked for me are the page no. on marketplace. Trades and the online feature.

The shop banners are completely gone, arrows are fine.

NPC just chillin’ in the back of the store VVV

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