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Re: June MIs: Precious Garlands & Flower Girl ...



@Hotarla and @realAniram :

I put it into discussion with everyone and everyone agreed. We changing the deadline to 3rd of July instead of the 6th.
This way people will have 3-4 days to buy a MI in case they didn't win!


... Don't stare into the darkness for too long ...

More custom leg poses?!
The girls' legs look really skinny but I am totally digging the shoes (on both MIs)!
I love the Garland recolor too. :heart:

... you never know who or what just might be staring right back ...

@freyate : Sweet, thanks! That's actually why I was asking lol, I didn't want to worry about trying to sell one if I won it, but I do want all the MIs. Now to remind myself to check back (and maybe be more active for you guys). OTL

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