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Welcome to Roliana 3.0 -Patch Notes and Apologies.

Well, that was a bit of a mess, wasn't it?

If you haven't been following along on our Facebook page, you might not know that our horrible server admin accidentally nuked a good chunk of everything. We decided to take this opportunity to upgrade the website and rebuild a few features, rather than just try and fix what was already broken!

Now, we asked if our users would prefer a "soft" relaunch where we release things as-is, while we work on finishing touches, and got an overwhelming "Yes!" on that front. So here you are!
:sparkle:New Features -
phpBB3.2 base code - launched just this month! It features a neat new coding framework behind the scenes, and with the upgrade to a new, more modern framework, we have updated large parts of the website's code to make new features easier to develop.
:sunglasses: New Look - After shopping around, we upgraded the new forum with a fully mobile-responsive theme by that we have customized to work with our avatar system. Included with the base theme is the Lazy Loader down at the bottom, which shows you some of the most recently posted in threads at a glance.
:joy: Emoji! - We're catching up to the rest of the world here! We've replaced our outdated BB style smilies entirely with emoji. We have installed a plugin that helps you find the emoji you're looking for (type : and see what happens!), as well as replaced the smilies on the post editor with emojis. Because the emoji library is so large (over 1500 icons!) the emojis in this space are currently randomized. We are using the Emojione project as the source for these features :smiley:
:computer: Urls - URLs have changed, so all old links/image links will need to be updated accordingly.

Patch Notes - Here's What's Working
--Gold earning

Patchier Notes - Here's What's Mostly Working
--Platinum Purchasing (appears to be fine, but we won't be sure until people start to use it for real!)
--Roliava (should work, but again, needs testing.)
--Wheel (Works entirely, needs to have items re-inputted into it before made live again.)
--Aesthetic stuff --- Lots of tweaks still needed on the new layout, as well as spots where we need to put info in to the template still. Will happen on a rolling basis. Colors/images/etc are all still not settled on. Lot of old pages may not work as well in mobile as the forums.

Coming Soon --
--New game
--Relaunching all items from August 2016 - present
--Daily Prize
--Several Top Secret Features

We plan on restoring most, if not all, old functionality, but these are the prioritized bits right now. Thanks for hanging in there and for putting up with us always breaking things! We'll have another announcement regarding items ASAP.

Note: All posts, item purchases, new accounts, password changes, ANYTHING from after AUGUST 2016 are gone. Everything. It's like a time machine. Sorry! That being said, we DO have paypal receipts for platinum purchases, so these will be redistributed over the next week. (Plus, our new code and cleaning has made backing up things easier, so hopefully this will never happen again!)

Re: Welcome to Roliana 3.0 -Patch Notes and Apolog...

*hacker voice* I'm in

Haha, I know haven't been active in forever but all the activity on the FB page definitely made me pay attention. Glad the site is back up, even if in beta. :smile:

Also, the addition of emojis makes a lot of sense, but I realized typying this up I'm gonna miss the little dancing smiley :disappointed:
First thing, can we PLEASE get a darker font? My vision is just fine, but I can barely read the grey on this white background! D: The colour in the text box when writing a post is great. Can we use that for reading posts too?

Secondly, is the favicon coming back? It kinda bugs me when those things go missing from my browser tabs. I'm not the only one who can't see it, right? ^^;

And then there's this...
Caitlyn wrote:
Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:31 pm
:joy: Emoji! - We're catching up to the rest of the world here! We've replaced our outdated BB style smilies entirely with emoji.
But WHY? ;o; Roli's old smilies were great. You had some of the cutest, most expressive emotes here, and you've dumped them to "catch up" and be like every other site? No more gonk? No more happy little dancing fella? No more head desk? And goodness knows I need that head desk one right now! I am so disappointed.

Edit: Okay, can something be done about the emoji menu popping up in the MIDDLE of the text area every time we type a colon? Nice to have an easy way to search for them, but it's seriously annoying to have that menu pop up ON TOP of what I'm writing. Just let me type a good old fashioned colon for its original use in peace! D: Can't it be made into a search box on the side where the rest of them are?

Also, when the emoji menu is bought up, the "focus" is now on that. So if I want to type a colon, then press return, I have to click off the menu before I can do that. Otherwise, hitting return inserts the first highlighted emoji in my post. This means I can't even adblock the menu to get rid of it. I tried, but all this does is hide the menu. I can't see it, but it still loads and changes focus from text box to menu, and inserts an emoji if I hit the wrong key.

Ugh... Well, I don't want this post to be all negative. The new layout looks pretty cool, and I can't wait to see how things look with some tweaks. Welcome back, Roliana. <3
Hooray! I'm so happy it's not really dead. I've been gone so long, and when I tried to come back earlier this month I was devastated to see the site down. But I'm pleased to be back for the renewal, I think it's a fitting as I try to renew myself as well. :heart:
Woohoo! Let's get the patch party started!!! :dancer: :dancers: Look at me trying out some of the new emojis :smile:

:cat2: Oh cute kitty emoji.
Sorry I'll stop now.

I guess the emoji will just take a little getting used to. Just like the new layout etc.
Goodness, I have forgotten how long it had been since my last login. It was under an old email, an old password, and old username. It took me a bit of trial and error to get back in.

Glad to see the site up again. I went to login to come of hiatus (again) and I was sad to see it down. The site looks gorgeous and I'm excited to see changes start rolling out!

Re: Welcome to Roliana 3.0 -Patch Notes and Apolog...

Got paid so I tried using buying the plats, seems it went through but don't think it's added on to my account.
Please check if you have a new transaction. :smiley:

Posting this before I head out the door and will check again when I'm back to see if my plats been increased ;)

Re: Welcome to Roliana 3.0 -Patch Notes and Apolog...

I'm really sad that all we've done after august is gone, i managed to get alot of my quest items after August, guess i'll never see those back. :disappointed:
I also purchased alot of plats, i hope to get those back as well.

Glad Roli is back, have to get used to the new layout and everything though! :astonished:
The emojis are fun, nice addition. <3

Also can Roliava be updated with every single (new) item please? :cry:
I'm questing all non-commons and i had an up to date list but now i'm not sure anymore what items i'm missing.
Either updating Roliava / having a full list of all items would be so helpful. :heart_eyes_cat:
so glad to have roli back!! thanks for all your hard work in getting the site back up :revolving_hearts:
the new design looks great, though it'll get some getting used to.
now to just.. conquer my awful memory and figure out what items i bought post-august
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