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Hello everyone

I figured you all would like a progress report on how things are going behind the scenes. Thanks to the user Shiyura and yours truly, we've been able to do a lot of cosmetic fixes on the website. Some of you may have noticed these layout fixes already.
If you haven't yet, please clear your cache and refresh the page. The fixes should show up. If it still doesn't show up, you may need to close your web browser and restart it (especially in the case of the missing favicon bug that now has been fixed)

Now you probably wonder exactly what has been done? Here is the list of all the fixes so far:
  • Inventory:
    • The list of items your avatar is wearing, showed up below the inventory. Now it shows up next to the inventory.
  • Marketplace:
    • Preview images and pose images of items were flipped when checking a specific item. This has now been switched back.
    • The boxes "Gaining value", "Losing Value", "Most Traded", "Most Available", "Ending Soon" and "Just Listed" were all below each other. Not anymore.
    • There was a bug where certain items could not be displayed/found in the marketplace. This should be fixed now. If you still get this bug, feel free to tell me which item it is and I'll see what I can do.
    • Page numbers were on the left side instead of the right. Now they're at the right place.
  • Trades:
    • Pending Trades and Completed Trades boxes were below each other.
      Not anymore.
    • When you have a trade open (or completed), the boxes that display your side and the other person's side were below each other. This has now been fixed to be placed next to each other.
  • Games:
    • The games 2048 and retris had a few cosmetic upgrades too.
    • When scrolling upwards on the pages, certain aspects of the retris game went over the header. This has now been fixed.
  • Shops:
    • The NPCs now show up next to the shop's inventory.
  • General:
    • Favicon didn't display. Now it does.
    • Online buttons wasn't displaying right on the forums when posting. Now this is fixed!
    • Page numbers were not where they should be and/or there were 3 dots that should be between number 2 and last page, but didn't not show up at the right spot. This has now been fixed too (Addition as of 19/04)


Known issues that will be fixed in the future: (in no particular order of priority)
  • Alerts for announcements and trades
  • Shops:
    • The "Newest News" doesn't appear in the footer.
  • Marketplace:
    • "My listings" not leading to your personal listings but it is showing everyone's listings
  • Inventory:
    • Search options will be upgraded
    • Update Dream Avatar Creator
  • Games:
    • Rilao: The credits have disappeared. (Well they haven't really, you just don't see the images anymore)
  • PM:
    • Be able to delete multiple PMs at once
    • Be able to move multiple PMs to self-created PM boxes.
  • General:
    • Page numbers are not where it should be and/or there are 3 dots that should be between number 2 and last page, but does not show up at the right spot.
    • Online buttons aren't displaying right on the forums when posting.
    • Favicon does not display in certain browsers.


Functions that will be re-released in the possibly near future: (in no particular order of priority)
  • Achievements
  • Lottery
  • Daily Prize
  • Account Upgrades
  • Wishlists
  • Featured Avatar
  • Rolicoins
If you find something that needs to be fixed that is not yet on the above 2 lists, please let me know! Someone recently asked about the wishlists and thank goodness they did because I had completely forgotten.
By freyate
A new recent fix: Page numbers are on the left side instead of the right. Now they're at the right place.
Updated this in the first post :)
By Kisrah
Will the favicon come back? New. Old. I don't care. It's just really weird seeing Roliana's tab in my browser look so bare! And I recognise most sites by their favicon before I even see the name, so it's a little confusing when Roli doesn't have one.
By freyate
@Kisrah : In chrome the favicon displays just fine. Which browser/device are you using?
By freyate
Thank you for reporting it! And I'm going to look into it further because I can't find a solution right now.

I didn't see any issues with it since it displays in my browser just fine. My browser being Chrome.
In Microsoft Edge it doesn't display either, so I can use that as a test browser.
May I contact you, when I think it is fixed, to double check?
By Shiyura
@Kisrah @vengeance Hey guys, when did the favicon stop showing up for you? Were your browsers a fresh install before that point or are you using new devices?
By Kisrah
@Shiyura Chrome was a fresh install, but it's been missing in Firefox ever since Roli came back after the extended maintenance. I'm not using a new device.

@freyate Sure! I hope it can be fixed. I know it's a small thing, but it really bugs me that it's missing! xD
By freyate
@Kayy : Thank you for mentioning the rolicoins! I had kinda forgotten about it haha. Since my list is already quite big, things are bound to slip through the cracks. I'm gonna see what I can do about the Rolicoins though. Cause we want all the old functions back ofcourse in some form or another :wink: I can't give you an actual release date just yet. But it's been put on my list. *nods*
By Shamrock Shamus
The favicon never showed up for me. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 on a Chrome Browser but am new so I actually had no idea there ever was one.
By freyate
@Shamrock Shamus

I think the favicon is back now. I checked on the one browser it wasn't showing up either and it's back there. Could you guys check?
If this fixed it for everyone then it's just because it wasn't uploaded :laughing: Probably got forgotten about when we upgraded to the new forum.

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