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NEW! Account Upgrades are back!

Account Upgrades are back!

Yes you read it right, the account upgrades are back.

You can buy up to 10 outfit slots and up to 20 inventory boxes. Each slot/box costs 10 platinum each.

How do you get there?
Click on the dropdown area above (here you can go to your PM or change your avatar or change password). The button is located between the change password and the logout button. Check the image to view it better.
Or click this link:

If you buy an outfit slot or inventory box and something goes wrong, please let me know! This way I can fix it asap.


Re: NEW! Account Upgrades are back!



Due to photobucket changing things around, I had to update the image. Which I've done now. My apologies if things confused you before :sweat_smile:


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