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July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party + Sp...



Good day everyone! As promised, here are this month's TWO platinum items! Yay! And as a quick reminder, Botanical Cub will remain in the Ancient Temple until July 21st, after which it will be removed. So, if you have not yet purchased one, better hurry along before it disappears! :wink:

You can find the new MIs at The Ancient Temple.
Both items were pixeled by

Feathered Guardian
( NOTE: Head jewels are separated into three poses )

Summer Party
( NOTE 1: Gifts are separated into 3 poses, balloons are 3 poses, heart confetti are 2 poses, hair clips are 2 poses; eyes come in brown, sapphire, celeste, and jade; rings and bracelets fit on the Glow Bug MI arm pose; and sunglasses and balloons both have transparency poses )
( NOTE 2: The ribbons around the legs are cropped and recoloured from the Harajuku Summer MI which was pixeled by the very lovely, RT* )

In addition to these items, and in honour of celebrating Roliana's 10th anniversary, we also have a special time offer of... hairs! Hairs, hairs and more hairs! Just until the end of this month of July (or until supplies last), a set of all the hairs currently in the shops will be offered in special colours for a price.

Locks of Platinum and Locks of Gold

There are 10 Locks of Platinum for $15 and 15 Locks of Gold for $10.
In addition to Locks of Platinum, you also get a recolour request for any of the 2016-2017 monthly items you see below!
However, if you wish to wait out the rest of 2017 to see what is in store for recolouring, you may do so.

PM Chu* with your item and colour choices asap.

January 2016: Winter Coralberry • Wind Dance | February 2016: Love Warrior • Love Keeper | March 2016: Essence of Life • Chin Chiller
April 2016: Magical Pony • Demonic Djinn | May 2016: Aurai • La Luna | June 2016: Rose Garlands • Lacey Mouse
December 2016: Snow Foxes • Getting the Christmas Tree | February 2017: Super Butterfly • Butterflyman | March 2017: Glow Bug
April 2017: Kaleidoscope | May 2017: Nocturnal Flower • Faraway Galaxy • Sol | June 2017: Botanical Cub
July 2017: Feathered Guardian • Summer Party

*** Remember, hair bundles are limited in stock, so first come, first serve!
If you desire these rare and lustrous hairs, click the link below ***


These hairs are provided by our very own special pigeon master, Caitlyn!

Re: July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Hehe, thank you and hello darling! Sorry I haven't been posting much.
xx__Even after the wedding, I've been having a lot of family over. Especially during the weekends.
xx__And then I was determined to release 2 items this month. Pretty busy. Hope you've been well~ :kissing_heart:

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Image BUFFER TEXT BUFFER TEXT BUFFER TEXT Oh my goodness these are gorgeous! So many poses! :open_mouth: can't wait to play around with them ^_^ BUFFER TEXT BUFFER TEXT BUFFER TEXT Image

Re: July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party ...

Thank you to everyone who has purchased platinum or hair bundles in the last two days. We just got over the amount we need to keep Roliana alive for another year! There are still a few bundles left; extra money goes to paying our lovely artists and to start saving up for next year :)

Re: July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__By the way, for those who have purchased the platinum hair bundle,
xx__may you please PM me what MI from 2016-2017 you would like recoloured,
xx__as well as what colour(s) you want it in. :grin:

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆

Re: July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party ...

и є ν є я є и ∂ ι и g и ι g н т м α я є ѕ ˟

Very big fan of summer party! :heart:


═════════════════ :cactus: ═════
oh wow i love the Summer Party MI! and the exclusive hair sets are the bomb omg, i wish i had the money to spare
well done as always :heart_eyes:

Re: July MIs: Feathered Guardian and Summer Party ...

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__I'm glad everyone is enjoying the new MIs and the hair bundles!
xx__I really like how they came out too!

xxxx » » (✪㉨✪)──☆[…]

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That really sucks. I've had similar issues before […]

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