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Re: What book are you currently reading?

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__"The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks

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Re: What book are you currently reading?

@illegalichigo I'm also re-reading Harry Potter at the moment!
I remember re-reading 1-3 each time a new book came out up to book 4, the rest I didn't re-read before.

I'm at the Half-blood Prince atm, but not very far into it.

I keep going on rants at people about how questionable I find Hogwarts to be in terms of education standards, in how teachers treat their students, in the hiring process, how one apparently can't or doesn't have to study to be a teacher, how their abilities aren't ever tested or certified before they get to teach, about how they don't need to learn how to teach children, about how people can have broken wands a whole year and the only reason it doesn't affect their test scores is that Harry Potter did a thing so there'll be no tests, about how you need a signed paper to go to a jolly winter village but not to participate in possibly deadly competitions (not just the Tournament, but also each game of Quidditch... why is there no enchanted net to protect these kids from injuries from falling?!??!?!).
Why is there no teacher-parent talks where Neville's grandmother can scare the hell out of Snape for poisoning Neville's pet? For messing with people because he didn't like one of their ancestors??
(a lot of my problems are with Snape as a teacher, the incompetent teachers, lack of standardisation in terms of magic tools, etc.)

When I got to book 5 I was pretty much done with Hogwarts at a school and thought it was a perfectly proper reaction of the ministry to get some involvement in the education process. Just nooooot in the way they did at all.

Re: What book are you currently reading?


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i'm reading Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer, the first book in the Area X series.
i liked the movie, and apparently i've had the book on my to-read list for years, so..

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