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Re: What are you currently watching?


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i'm watching Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23!

Re: What are you currently watching?

I no longer have the patience to sit through tv shows and movies unless it's with my family, like we're chilling in the living room or go to the movies, so I spend my time watching different youtubers for different reasons. Right now I'm watching videos from a guy named Matthias. He just buys stuff from places like Wal-mart or Amazon and they test products and he rates the stuffs. Sounds pretty simple but he's funny and honest. I usually bounce around channels like Vanossgaming, 8-bitgaming, Markiplier, etc. for background sound since I'm usually trying to focus on way too many tabs and end up focusing on one and forgetting everything else.

Re: What are you currently watching?


I'm currently watching The X-Files.
Season 2, Episode 10 - Red Museum

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