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Hello and welcome.

Please follow the Roliana ToS- which means no spamming or rudeness, I will ban you from the thread if I see any of this.

If you have not seen a particular film, wait five minutes for another poster BEFORE you say you haven't seen it. This keeps discussion, rather than "didn't see it"

On the rare occassion that someone forgets to add a film to their post for you to comment on, just name a film yourself so someone else can continue with the game.

Just state what you think of the film that the person above you has typed.

Seeing as there is nobody above me, I will just say a film:



Yey, I'm first.

I, personally, thought it was a great film. It had a very good message, and I absolutely loved the music chosen. :3

I've never watched Dark Night, never heard of it either. Odd.


Troy has so many sexual innuendos it's not even funny I did however like it

the karate kid.

Karate Kid? I don't know much about it , but all I know is that wimpy kid couldn't whoop my butt. HARDY HAR!

Next movie - Lord of the Rings: Trilogy

Never really watched Lord of The Rings. Was interested in it a while ago, but not now, it's a little boring to me xD.

Moulin Rouge!

xD Never saw that movie. But I probably will pretty soon. Been watching a lot of Oriental fighting movies lately.

The Forbidden Kingdom.

Forbidden Kingdom was a pretty good movie. Could have been better, but Jackie Chan and Jet Li makes it an instant win.

Iron Man

Never seen it. Don't plan on seeing it lol.

House of 1000 Corpses

that was GREAT!!!
um...Drillbit Taylor?
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