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How is everyone doing today? Went on a day trip to the capital yesterday to see family and whatnot with the boyfriend, had a lot of fun. ^^
Evening, I'm doing all right. Was at work all day, which was nice because it was near 90 here. I don't work well in the heat lol. Though, it's nicer than the rain and 50 degree weather we've been having.

How as the capital?
Hey everyone, how are you all doing? I've been so busy I haven't gotten to pop on here in a long time x.x;
Evening, I'm doing alright, quiet day at work so can't complain.

How are things going?
Going pretty good , got a lot of cleaning done today. I'm working on some items for avaricia at the moment.
Morning, getting cleaning done is always a good thing.

I have to print off some applications and fix up my cover letter and resume to be sent out on Tuesday. I hate doing paper work.

I really need to get some cleaning down myself soon. The place is getting super gross. ; _; Why aren't flats self-cleaning?!

Blah, good luck cleaning. I should do some...but I don't want to.

How's everyone's evening going?

I was planning to do the cleaning yesterday... and then I didn't. x.x So now I have to do it today AND I haven't studied for my exams either. Maybe I could get a boyfriend who likes cleaning? (>>.)

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Don't need it! I'll help you bump! :grinning:

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