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Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

I knew you would make the first hangout haha. And you took the honor of being the first non-official topic in this forum :laughing: Great isn't it.

I still can't really register it that roli is 10 years old. In september I'll be here, officially, for 10 years! OMG! That's just insane.

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

It's strange how 1 site can become so much like another home. Even though you don't know how the other people look like, most of the people here are more friends than the "friends"in real life. You know?

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

Yeah totally, i met my best friend on Roli! she lives far away but last year we managed to spend a weekend together :smile: it was the best time, we're planning on hanging out again in the future (need to save up first of course) so yeah, i'm grateful for Roli, otherwise i'd never have met her!

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

Hiiii *waves*
How's it going? Gosh, I can't believe it's been 10 years already.
I was "only" 17 or 18 when I joined, and I was totally retarded. I wish there was a button to delete everything I posted anywhere on the internet more than 2 years ago, lol.

But I do agree with what you guys are saying about meeting some great people on here :smiley:
I love it that this forum kept a good style and a friendly atmosphere, and that people here aren't concerned with popularity like they can be on other avatar sites. ^^

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

Me too! ^^

And I remember I felt so sad when the site went down, I checked it almost every day to see if it was up, and then one day, I randomly saw a post on facebook saying it was, and I was SO happy! It's incredible how addictive this site is

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

I think it's a perk of being in a smaller community, @Nova! :)

I just remembered that my roliversary was nearly 2 weeks ago. I've been here for 9 years! :open_mouth:

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

I can't believe it's almost 9 years since I joined, or how much time I've spent here in the past, or that this page is still somehow standing after all this time and all the slow times. Been worried it'd be shut down so many times in the past.

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

The thing I can't believe is how many people have been with us for so long! :astonished: I mean I know of so many people who always change games and hangout websites, but not this many people who stay loyal to one site for so many years! It actually warms my heart so much!

Re: `Nyuu's 1Oth Roliversary hangout!

Lol. Don't you always wonder, when seeing an avatar, what the items were? Sometimes you can see it, but sometimes it's darn hard to figure it all out >..>
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