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Come hangout and chat in Candyland Corner! This is an event hangout based from the Candyland Charity. This is Roli's 10th anniversary and this summer will be my 7th anniversary! So lets make sure to have lots of fun!

There will be contests and such open here for everyone, so feel free to stick around and participate.

Re: Candyland Corner

Page Prizes

Pg. 5: MissMoria - tickertape + fireworksred + summer crowd
Pg. 10: batmeg - summer grass + Candystrawberries1&2 + RosePetalBGRed

Pg. 25:
Pg. 50:

Re: Candyland Corner

Avatar Contests

In light of the anniversary event, I'm going to try to spread some older item love. Here are avatar contests for two 2007 MI's!

To enter, send me your entry for the contest and label the PM either KURU AVATAR CONTEST or MEOTI AVATAR CONTEST, depending on which one you enter.
Dream Avatar Creator is allowed.
1 entry per user, per contest, no mules.
Upload your entry to a site like imgur or tinypic before sending to me.

Kuru is the theme. Use the item in the avatar you enter.

1st place: Kuru
2nd place: Kuru Ears and Tail
3rd place: 2k
And Meoti is the theme for this one. Use the item in the avatar you enter.

1st place: Meoti
2nd place: Meoti Fun
3rd place: Meoti Ears and Tail

Re: Candyland Corner

Free Raffles

--- Raffle 1 - Mars Silver
The prize for this raffle is the Mars Silver Scarf and the Mars Silver Belt. 1 entry per user, no mules.
To enter, send me a PM Labeled MARS SILVER RAFFLE and let me know you want to enter.

1. Fufluns
2. Peanut

Re: Candyland Corner


***Will do something with Jazz Spirits and Star Bunny, too, since they are the MI's that came out the month I joined Roli

Re: Candyland Corner

This thread is now open for chatting!
I will be editing more stuff in later :)

Re: Candyland Corner

Hii Fox!

Re: Candyland Corner

Hey Babe ;)
I like your avi! I'm debating on what to do for a new one for myself.

How's it going?

Re: Candyland Corner

Join the Faraway Galaxy club, foxotanashi. :p

Re: Candyland Corner

I would change, but it's so pretty. (>>.)

Re: Candyland Corner

I actually love your avi!
Also, thanks xD

Re: Candyland Corner

So much galaxy hair haha!
Given, the hair is why I bought it, too.

And now it's changed!

I was messing around with the "silver" idea. And now I have a statement avatar about the colors silver, grey, and ash xD I didn't want to use the skeleton again, but it went with it.

Oh, and dust. Apparently this headband is dust.
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