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I might as well join in on the fun and in the same time spread my gold around a little ;)


Right, alright. This will be fairly easy, all I want is for you pretty people to stay in here and chat for your hearts content. Either with me or whoever that happen to be online (but really, chat with me ;.;). While doing so you will make new friends and earn not only event currency but also page prizes! I might also add other games if this picks up and they can all be found in the second post :)

1) For you to be able to win page prizes you need to actually post in this thread, jumping in two pages before a winning page will not get you a prize. You will have to earn it fairly like everyone else.

2) Double posting to earn a prize will get you nowhere, it will automatically go to the next poster. Don’t you try with me <.<

3) Depending on how popular this ends up being, I might end up adjusting the prizes. I will set up a poll to further help me on that.

4) I may or may not need to add rules. Just play nice, alright? :)

You want to chat with me?
Then please ping me or I might not notice you ;.;

Re: Nae’s Chat it up! (U/C)


All games, prizes & past winners will go here:

Page 5’s third, sixth & eight poster will earn 1k each Cleared
Page 7’s first & second poster will earn 1k each Cleared
Page 10’s every new poster will earn 1k each Cleared
Page 12’s fourth poster will get 1.5k
Page 15’s every new poster will earn 2k each


Second game:
This game is all randomized, meaning it can happen any time of the day and post. If you see me post this little image: Image
Then all you need to do is quote that whole post containing it and you will win a easy 2k, but be warned- only the first person quoting me will win so it means you need to be quick! ^^

Hi, Naenia! :D

I'm alright. Debating on if I'm actually gonna change my mind and fix those taquitos in the freezer. I do need to get up anyway and get some stuff done before bed. Trying to make more of an effort to keep my trailer clean.
Oh look, I left the milk out...Damn it. XD
They're like...spicy little tortilla rolls with meat and cheese you throw in the oven. Sometimes they're good. They're American made Mexican food. Lol

And heeeeeyyyy, I need that for my cereal! D: :sob:
The ones I'm about to make are just freezer food. Horrible for you, but super yummy all the same.

And aaawwwwwww. No more cereal for me, then. Booooooo ):
I only left the milk out for like 30 minutes...if even that. XD

Re: Nae’s Chat it up! (Open)


⊱ ¬ sunlight shines through her eyes for every flower she sees ⌐ ⊰
yay! another event thread ^^~
so happy there's more than 3 this time around!


Re: Nae’s Chat it up! (Open)

@Naenia Nightshade
Not really, it wasn't warm in my trailer (cold outside and didn't have the heat on) and I put back in the fridge. Should be good now.

@deaa ☾

This is my first event in a while! I'm excited! I even entered in the avatar contest and I never enter in anything like that! I signed in today and had 16 notifications. Haha
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