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100 gay men 'rounded up and sent to concentration camps in Chechnya before being murdered'

More than 100 gay men have been detained by Chechnya in what are claimed to be the first concentration camps since the Holocaust.

The existence of the prisons in the Russian republic - close to the border with Eastern Europe - has been verified by human rights organisations and local media.

Rest here: ... t-10200263

And sign the petitions guys! ... g-gay-men/ ... 23&v=91724
I wish lgbtq people were treated with more dignity and respect than that. I have a transgender daughter and a gay son and it devastates me when other people are mean to them for it.
I don't get why the (parts of the) world has to treat lgbtq people so badly. It's a part of them. Accept it and move on. You'll be surprised at how normal those relationships are! I mean I have gay friends and honestly I don't really care they are gay.

My friend actually kept it to himself for a year before telling us. Because he wanted to make friendships first and not immediately be judged on his sexual preferences. I still remember to this day when he told me. We were riding the train home. He goes : "I have to tell you something" with such a serious voice and in my thoughts I go straight to: "omg he's dying. He's got some life-threatening disease and is going to die!" and then he went "well...I'm gay". I just sat there blinking and mainly replied with "and?" figuring there wasn't something more coming. But that was it. "That's it? Oh okay. Great. We should go out together. Then we can play the game 'Guess if the cute guy over there is gay or not'. Which will be loads of fun." We just laughed and he was so happy I wasn't a lost friendship. We're still friends to this day. We talk about guys and discuss about relationship problems. Well, mainly his problems, since I have no relationship.

So everyone who gets upset about those sexual preferences, GET OVER IT NOW!

If you kill someone over their sexual preference, you are a bully and a murderer. That simple. If your religion does not allow gays? Look the other way! Murder is still more of a sin than homosexuality. No matter what religion you follow...

@freyate The way you're friend acted when he came out was the way my son acted when he came out to me yesterday on the way to school. I knew he liked boys but I thought he also liked girls. So, on the way to school he said in a really serious voice, "Dad, I have something to tell you." And the way he sounded, I thought he was going to tell me something like he was in serious trouble at school or something, so I braced myself for something bad. He was like, "Don't get angry but, I dont like girls like I thought as well. Its just guys." I breathed a sigh of relief that he was alright and it wasnt something bad and told him the gender he likes is irrelevant to me as long as he's happy.
It shouldnt be seen as such a horrible thing that people are afraid to lose friends and kids are afraid their parents will be pissed at them.
@Shamrock Shamus : So true! It's saddening to know that people are afraid to come out of the closet in fear of losing friends, telling their parents or how society sees them.

It kinda reminds me of this one joke I read online. A 16y old boy writes a letter to his parents. He says that he got his girlfriend pregnant and that he dropped out of school and moving to live with his girlfriend etc. And that he was diagnosed with some terminal disease and might not live long enough to see his baby being born. Anyways basically everything was in there that a parent would be terrified of reading. Then he adds a BTW at the bottom of the page: "BTW: everything I just said isn't true. I just got a couple of F's on my report card. But now you know this isn't such a big deal because it could definitely be worse." (or something like that.) :laughing:
Anyways, what I mean to say is: it can always be worse! Parents who disinherit children because of their sexual preference, what is worse: your child's sexual preference or them being terminally ill? I think the answer is obvious. All your kid wants is to be happy. That's it. Whether this is with a boy or a girl (or something in between because let's be honest, there is an inbetween these days. People who are transitioning from one gender to another for example.) WHO THE HECK CARES! It's your kid that needs to live with that person. Not you. What should concern you as parent is that the person they are with is a good person and doesn't abuse your child. Gender is of no importance.

I love how you reacted with your kid. They'll feel so much more accepted, because their dad accepts them for who they are. It'll build their self confidence too!
@freyate I'm a teacher, so I will always think F's are a big deal but I know that they are not the worst thing that could happen. I dont flip out when my kids get an F but I take it seriously.
I can honestly say, I had some issues to work through from my past, so I wasnt always as accepting of lgbtq folk. In high school (I went to a school for juvinile delinquents, so its no surprise that everyone was rough with each other) I relentlessly bullied the gay kid. Of course, this was in the 90's, so it wasnt as accepted as it is now. Also, I had some misunderstanding about gay men due to trauma from my childhood, so I thought they were child rapists and when my transgender daughter (who identified as a boy still at the time) came out as gay, I was devastated and kind of angry. We didnt really get along for a while but she came crying to me and asked me why I hated her and if it would make me happy if she were to just disappear. It really broke my heart that she felt that way and I was very angry with myself for making my own flesh and blood so miserable. I educated myself. I realize now that what happened to me as a child doesnt mean that all homosexual men are like that. I am very understanding now, even with her gender identity. But even though the kid who came out to me yesterday, Gareth was only 3 when everything happened with Jaden, I think he was more observant than I realized and that he picked up on more than I thought and maybe thats why he was so nervous coming out to me, even if all these years since I have been okay with Jaden's orientation and identity. I will say that people my age tend to not understand these types of things. It just wasnt a thing when I was in school. There were gay kids but they were heavily targeted, so they stayed in the closet, so there was no transgenders or anything. I mean, they were there but you just didnt know because they never came out. My generation and up is slowly starting to learn about these things. Not to sound like an old fart but I wish millennials wouldnt jump at our throats if we say something offensive. I can guarantee that most of the time, the older person wasnt trying to be a jerk but that they are just very uneducated and not by choice.
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