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#METOO Pandemic...

I'm curious, what you think of the #METOO pandemic?

I honestly don't know what to believe. Because I feel like people accuse other people like it was part of their vocabulary.

I am lost because I don't quite believe a lot of people outting others...for what exactly? What does it serve? Did it make the event disappear?

Honestly I feel like most celebrities give "consent" and if they "regret" their decision they easily "accuse" the guy of something w/ the #metoo...

Just because you feel Regret of YOUR DECISION doesn't mean you get to falsely accuse the guy of assault.

I heard a story about two actresses voluntarily going to a room where the actor/comedian masterbated in front of them. They could have left on their own and why come forward years after it happened instead of right away?

I'm a female myself...I'm not going vote for someone just because of their gender...or side with someone just because they "Say" something. Where's physical proof?

Just because someone "says" something, doesn't always mean it's true.

Re: #METOO Pandemic...



I can totally get your frustration, @figment_Princess. Sometimes I read those stories and I'm like: "Did that really happen? Or are you just trying to seek attention? "

With other stories I can actually think: "yeah ... that happened. I get ya."

But y'know, some stories seem more a publicity stunt then anything.

I hate to say it: but I had it happen to me to. Several times in fact. With different men on different occassions. And I'm not even that pretty. Just, some men think that all women are THEIR playtoys and they can do anything with them.... But just like there are bad seeds in the pod, there are a lot of nice men out there to. However I REFUSE to go through the whole #metoo thing and say what happened to me. It's a part of my past. It (unfortunately/fortunately?) shaped me to who I am now and I don't see what would be useful in me telling those stories...

It would only get me an "oh I'm sorry that happened to you *pats on the back*" but other than that it doesn't HELP me at all. It just makes me feel disgusted again and feel like a freaking victim again. I'll just get another label tagged to my head. Who wants that? There are way too many labels already.

So, I prefer to be the empowered woman that I am and leave it at that.


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