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it's fine, I can keep looking, I don't think I had any of those after august anyway, the only one I think I might've gotten was the swing, and I'm nowhere near sure of that lol

Pumpkin Crown ('07 item i'll never have it again :sob: ), Festival of Heart Doves, Festival of Hearts Ring and Festival of Hearts Plant.
They're so hard to find for some reason! :open_mouth:

Ahh yes the swing is amazing, i have never used it on an avi before but i should!
I can't remember if you got the doves from me or not o3o;; cause I have one, but I like them, but I'm not sure I'd easily be able to use them... idk I definitely remember struggling to decide if I should sell them or keep them...
but I didn't even know there was a pumpkin crown! I wonder what it looks like? o3o;;

yeah it is, you should try o:

I totally understand if you'd like to keep it, if you ever decide to get rid of it though, think about me? :sweat_smile: <3
It's a crown with a pumpkin lol ... tem_id=764

I'm not a fan either lol but the song Blank Space was on the radio earlier so when i typed it her face popped into my mind :joy:

Thanks love! one day i'll have them, one day!
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