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Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest


It's actually good with the being busy. Means I'm working more which means more money saved toward my own place. I need to get my own place very desperately.

Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest


Haha, thank you! I went on a mini-shopping spree courtesy of Roli and my head exploded from the awesome!!!

And hopefully soon. I should have a car again very soon. I don't know if I mentioned that I moved halfway across the country then got into an accident two weeks later.

Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest


It was severe for my car. My car was, unfortunately, deemed a total loss. However, I was perfectly fine. Shaken up? Certainly. But physically? Fine. I have just been without a car for two months and it's driving me insane.

Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest

` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

I had an accident too, together with my mum 2 years ago. We were both fine, she was completely unharmed but i tore a muscle in my shoulder and had a few bruises and some minor injuries, the car was very wrecked too. :c

Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest


I hope it doesn't haunt you forever. I am actually excited to get another car. I know the accident was a fluke of sorts. It's other people on the road you typically have to worry about. But, I understand your hesitation entirely.

Re: -- the batcave || batmeg's quest


I don't blame you. :c I hope you live somewhere with good public transit. I wouldn't get another car if I did. Alas, I live somewhere with super shitty public transit. :c

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