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I'm glad you got the imgwraps working for your avatar closet :wink: Great avatars too!
Very nice!
Happy birthday, Freshie! c:
Did you get any cool commons?
Can't go wrong with a sexy skirt. I've only got one, but I love it. Have to keep myself from wearing it every time I go out. It looks good with everything. ; u;

What do they look like?
Oh, hahaha. I only skimmed what I said before and I only saw the birthday part. :laughing: Oops. Did you do get anything nice for your birthday? :p

How fun! I wish I could travel more, but money. ; _; Where are you going?


My mom and I are planning a Walt Disney World trip late next year. We used to live in Florida went I was younger in the 90's and we'd go all the time. While these past almost 10 years, I had a new love for Disneyland in California (due to certain character youtube videos), in which I did visit in 2014/2015. I miss my "home" park. I haven't been there since 2005.

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