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Hello and welcome! I am doing well. Yourself?
Haven't been up to much tonight. Aside from being on Roli, I'm updating my GPS software and maps. Also debating on playing my 3DS or doing some reading. How about you?


Im doing ok. My husband and I are just chilling on the couch. He is on his phone so I am on roli. Im debating on going to bed. I had a long day. Meetings all day and then I started belly dancing classes with a friend.
Ooh! A fellow dancer! Do you like it so far? I miss my regular belly dance classes. I had to give them up when I changed jobs because I am rarely in my home state. I usually can manage time off for the Great Lakes Belly Dance Convention and a workshop once in a blue moon. Have you been to any haflas yet? They're loads of fun!



Yes, yes it is!
And Skyzone is a jumping park. It's got all kinds of stuff, though. A jumping zone, a dodgeball arena with trampolines, rock wall, foam zone (I actually got stuck in that because the foam cubes sucked trying to get out of. Holy crap lol)
I had a lot of fun, but I was paying for it on Sunday with an aching back and sore almost everything. Note to self: get back in shape before you try to go back.

Ah, hell, that sounds awful! I'd go stir crazy too if I wasn't working. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy but it's just how I am. I'm kind of a workaholic at times. I work in a factory so it's almost required to be.

How was the concert????? :)

Hi, maskeddream!
That sounds super fun! I've never been to a place that had all that. There used to be an arcade place that had a rock wall, laser tag and mini golf built into it, but that is like an hour and a half away from where I live. I don't even know if it is still open now. I think it was called Zapzone? Wonder if it has any affiliation with Skyzone?

The out of shape feeling does suck. I don't run much since I twisted my ankle really bad on a highway job down in Florida last July. I can still dance without an issue, but if I put a lot of pressure on it for an extended period of time, my ankle starts to hurt. so when we are supposed to be driving to a new job site across multiple states, keeping my foot on a gas pedal for 11 to 12 hours really kills it the next day. It gets a little better with each passing month, so I don't expect it to be a hindrance in the long run.

I haven't gone to the concert yet, it is on Sunday. Apparently some band called Bleachers is opening for her. I've never heard of them, but I really don't follow pop music, I just happen to like P!nk. Lol! I'll let you know how it goes, though!

Got any weekend plans, or are you working?
Possibly! It was my first time going to a place like that. I wanted to try to do something different for my birthday and going there cost about as much as an all out dinner at Red Lobster so I say win win.

Oh! I thought you meant it was this past weekend, my bad! I don't know who the Bleachers are either.

Ah, twisting your ankle doesn't sound fun. I've yet to break any bones/twist any bones. I've sprained my wrist like 10 years ago but that's been about it.

No weekend plans as of yet and I don't know if I'm working. I hope not, because I just kind of want a weekend in since this past weekend was super busy between Skyzone and bug bombing but I could use the extra money so it's whatever if I do. Work doesn't feel crazy or horrible if I work extra hours now that I'm in a department that's a lot more laid back and not quite so hard on my body.
I feel ya. Weekends in are nice after a busy weekend. Also, Happy belated birthday! :D Work is nice when you are somewhere your body can handle and you have the pattern down for how the day is gonna go. That is why I like working with certain crews and absolutely hate my life when working with others in road work. One gets a feel for how certain people work or run things and one knows how to work with them. Then there are those that don't do shit and it all falls on one to do it all. -_-

Today is a bit of a lazy day for me. I was a little bummed to find out my boyfriend had mistaken my recycling bags for garbage and he dragged it out to the road for trash pickup when he got home from work this morning. By the time I realized they were gone, it had already been picked up by the trash service. I was so mad at myself for not telling him, but being off work like this is unusual for me and my days blur together, so I had no idea that today was trash pickup day when I spent all that time organizing it into types yesterday. It was going to give me something to do today, so I could take it to the recycling center two towns over. I know he thought he was helping, but it sorta removed my reason for getting out of the house today. I don't want to drive around aimlessly because I need to conserve my fuel due to lack of current income, but staying home like this drives me nuts.

Work did finally decide to acknowledge my existence again and called me this morning. Lots of bs about trying to make me leave on Monday in the morning when I had selected Monday as part of my time off request I put in back in November for the concert. I told them Tuesday would be fine for me to depart. Then they call me back three hours later telling me I need to be at their office by 7am Monday. The concert is Sunday night and it is two hours from my house. A friend happens to live in the city and I was planning on staying with her Sunday night so I could be rested for my drive home. I told them Monday was not okay for the second time, they claimed I didn't say that the first time they called, when my specific words were Tuesday or anything after it was fine. I managed to talk the time down to 1pm on Monday. They'll be putting me on a plane to North Carolina. So I will do my best to enjoy the concert, but I am not so thrilled about having to either drive tired to get home, or get up super early and drive an unfamiliar and longer route to the office Monday morning. Plus, I'd have to pack all my work gear and take it with me. Nyar... Sorry for the vent!

I'm normally not so bummed like this. I'm just upset because I was hoping to hear back from one of the many places I have taken the time to apply at since I've been home. (My hands have not been idle, I have been taking advantage of the downtime, lol) I've been wasting my life working jobs I don't really care for, just because I needed to pay bills. This time, I want a job working with animals and I am gonna go for it. So I am only bummed because four more positions I am qualified for popped up this morning, and I know I can't apply for them now because I'll have to be in Michigan in order to do the interview if they call me. So being out of state is grounds for them to pass me over even if they wanted me, because I will be unable to meet in person. I'll probably go read to take my mind off it and make some green tea. Perhaps get some dancing in if I can manage to perk up.

Sprained wrists suck, too. I have not had it happen to myself, but I have watched my friends deal with it. As for bones being broken, I have been lucky enough to make it this far without it. Although, I have broken other's bones (accidentally). I'm glad you haven't had to deal with broken bones or any major sprains! They aren't fun and they have the potential to cripple or make life difficult. How has your day been going?
My night actually went really well! I did single hung radius tops all night at work and up until I got to some that A SHIFT had already cut the heads off the frames so I could add the arch, I did really well! Still managed to get all of them welded within parameters, but they were smaller frames and because of their size, they don't sit flat on the saw table, which causes the saw to jerk (sounds safe, right?) when you cut the angle on them and I think whoever cut them had a hard time with them. They were a bitch to weld, let me tell ya.
Other than those last 3, I managed to weld everything spot on and have for the past couple of days, which makes me super happy because I love doing a good job. I'm that way all the time, even if I hate the job, because that's how I am, but when I enjoy doing something and I do it well, I get super excited. My boss thinks I'm nuts, but that's because he's worked in that department and it's predecessor (different department that got absorbed into the giant vinyl window line we're apart of) for 6-7 years and while I'm good with him, he definitely has an attitude and I can see how he can rub people the wrong way. Lol
Regardless, it was a good night.

I'm sorry they're making you fly out on Monday. That sounds like some shit the bosses at my job would pull...or...oh, yeah, my fucking parents used to pull that kind of shit with me (But you never said that!) all the time, too.
How long will you be gone? Maybe the jobs will still be open and you can apply when you know you'll be coming home soon? What kind of work would you like to do with animals? A friend of mine is trying super hard to get a job as a marine biologist but's she's having problems finding open positions even though she is way more than qualified.
Gotta love when other people f*** up on their end and make more work for the people that have to come along after them. Dalton used to work as a welder for a company that had military and construction contracts, so he would weld pieces together for all sorts of stuff, everything from tank parts to staircase railings. Some of the people that place hired...damn. That is all I can say. I can't imagine what type of idiots or the crap you've had to deal with where you work. What is your favorite stuff to weld there?

There is nothing more zen than getting into a groove at work, though. Don't get me wrong, my current job has bee way more awesome than any of my previous jobs. I love all the travel opportunities. My coworkers are awesome with the exception of two people out of the seventy employees. It really isn't a bad job, but the company is very unorganized and unprofessional For example, me sitting at home again after already being laid off for two winter months due to weather simply because one person decided they could get better pay trying to do a hot pour tar job with less people to make their paperwork look good. One shitty way to boost your numbers. As for how long...People are gone the duration of the job. So if the job takes six months, an employee is gone for six months.

After putting some thought into it, it is time. Summer semester starts up in May here, I am making arrangements with a breeder for a puppy from a litter that will be born in late summer, Dalton misses me and I miss being home at the end of a work day. In the job I have, I can't attend college, continue my dance classes, or even do regular home stuff. I'm away three to five months at a time and home for anywhere from three days to two weeks between jobs. So when I land in North Carolina, I will be putting in my two weeks and continuing my job hunt. Therefore, I will hopefully be gone for about two weeks give or take a few days fro travel time. The company will probably stick me on a bus to get home, since I don't see them blowing their money on a plane ticket for someone who won't be working for them anymore. Although I am leaving on good terms and have a good reputation with the company, so maybe they'll put me on a plane home to be nice? They're a multi-million dollar company (so they claim), so one plane ride home won't break them.

I am not being too picky with what type of job with animals. I've been looking at everything from farm jobs to pet store stuff. I've applied for an array of things such as a dog grooming position, kennel caretaker, veterinary office desk staff, and a few other caretaker jobs for shelters and animal clinics. Basic entry level stuff. I want to go back to school so I can get my degree and pursue a career in zoology or wildlife conservation.

Marine biology can actually be a very competitive field. A lot of the sciences are, to my surprise. When I graduated high school, I was initially studying to be an archaeologist, but I soon realized the field was very competitive and I was actually more interested in learning about it than doing it. So it was more of a hobby interest than a life's pursuit. That is part of the reason I have decided to start now with animal oriented jobs. Even though they may not be directly related to my end goal career, it is a start in the right direction toward getting me connections and experiences that will be helpful down the road.
I've only welded vinyl window frames and sashes. My first department is the same one Tony (my boss) came from and I absolutely loved the frame welder. I wish I had been able to spend more time on it before they shut my shift down on it because it was shutting down. I really enjoy what I do now, though, building architectural windows, but our one point welders are old and crappy and we have to constantly monitor them and even have to adjust the welds as they're welding or right after the welder is done. We'll hopefully be getting new welders sometime this year. But I'm not holding my breath.
Working in a factory means dealing with a LOT of idiots, especially since they underpay us for the kind of work we do and how they expect us to perform. Because of that, most of the good workers go onto to different and better things while the shitty ones could care less so they stay. It's beyond infuriating. But lucky for me, my shift has very few people on it. In total, if you include the guys that run the glazing line, I have 7 other guys in my crew. And they are all pretty awesome and some of the least whiniest men I have ever worked with, thank the gods.
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