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lol So you exercise but ate it all back!

I'm been doing good since I got back from my parents in law place. Went there to stay over the Easter holiday, all I did there was eat, sleep and relax >.> My scale didn't like me ;A;
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`Nyuu wrote:
Wed Apr 19, 2017 3:27 am
` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

Aw, why's that Nova? o:

Because of that whole thing with my friend. Oh, well, I got about 5 hours of sleep.
How are you today?

@littleblack I haven't dared to use mine in a while :laughing:
Well, I finally got a reply this morning.
Sadly, he did what I expected him to do: Wind himself up more and more as he typed, push the responsibility over on me, and take the email I sent him as a personal attack.
I'm dumbfounded. I don't know how to respond. There's not talking to some people, I guess.

Tell him to never contact you again and block him. Clearly you don't need him in your life and he's just making you feel down. >.>
Life is too short for people like that.

my day... well.... it got boring then manager told me sorry they couldn't tell me a bit early but tomorrow is my last day. Job hunting here I come *sigh*
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Well, we had some correspondence back and forth and managed to reach aan understanding. So we're gonna meet up tomorrow and talk about things face-to-face, because the thing that pissed him off the most was thatI didn't do it face-to-face.
Oopsie I forgot I posted in here. Lol.
I'm doing well. I have to go get ready for work in a half hour. : ) Its our last day today and next week we will have the week off and then we pick back up the week after. I'm excited to have a week off. I need a break.

How are you? Since you used to live in Norway, have you ever heard of the band Kaizers Orchestra? They are a Norwegian band.
Oh really? Awesome. I like them to. : ) I'm a linguiphile, so I'm extremely nerdy with languages and adore them. I love listening to music in different languages, even if I dont understand the lyrics. I often look up translations of lyrics.

Lol I'm in the same boat but I cant drink caffine to help. I have ADD, so it has the opposite effect on me.
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