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Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Yeah and the mousepad isn't exactly X-rated either. In the game he shows off his bara tiddies sooooo~ >3> <3333

Yeah I love the boys in that banner! I hope they come home. Gacha games can be so frustrating. Dx

/sends hugs to both mila and melodie

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Well hello Melodie! I sometimes have a knack for timing :3 Tee hee.

Peanut, I know :3 There should be more of those mousepads though. I'd like one with a complete sixpack :3
A hug back at you ;)

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Lady Mila gets me.

My hubby is like "why this" and I'm just like "bara tiddy is best tiddy???"

I want to see more of those too because like... too many with half naked ladies haha

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

He guys. We have a bitch at work that hopfully is gone next week after I make sure of it. She isn't motivated at work at all. She keeps on letting the other people she works with do the work. And either they don't notice they do most of the work or they are afraid to say something.

Eidt: I had more but kinda afraid someone at work might see this (super small change but still).

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

I have a couple of people at work that don't really do stuff so I feel you.

They aren't mean or anything though, thankfully.

I hope everything gets resolved!! I'm sorry you have to deal with that :(

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Yeah people tend to not like getting called out, but it's needed if they're out of line. I'm hoping y'all can sort things out. :(
I know what it's like to deal with assholes at work.
Sending you love and patience!

Just woke up!! Excited to enjoy my Saturday in pajamas laying around uwu <3
What are you up to?

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Oh fun! Is the beach far from where you live? Just a trip with you and mom?

I had a mom/son weekend a little while ago. It was so funnnn! :)

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

My mom lives on the coast already, and I grew up there. But just the two of us are taking a quick road trip down the coast and seeing some other cute towns. Popped across the California border yesterday just to stop at a liquor store (alcohol is sooooo much cheaper in California!)

Oh fun! Where did you and your mom go?

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Quick road trips are still fun! :)
I'm happy y'all are having fun. haha

We went to Memphis to that she could see Graceland since she'd never been before. It was pretty exciting!

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

For sure! Anything longer than a quick vacation is too expensive.
It ended up being a pretty nice day, but now I'm tired after walking on the beach for so long. D:

Funnnn! That place is supposed to be pretty cool. Did she like it?

Re: "Anyone Online?" : A Hangout (With P...

Yeah, anything more than a weekend gets to be too much ;( Unless it's just like an extended family visit.

I get that! Was it at least pretty?

Yeah! She was so hyped about it. It's been a dream of hers for YEARS so thats why I was like "let's do it!!!"
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