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Oh I know. Lol

Re: The Village: Hangout and Giveaway



I FINALLY POOPED thanks to some maximum strength ex lax
jesus christ that was bad


Congratulations! Lol

It was definitely the Activia that messed me up. I'm mostly back to normal now myself...and after doing some research on it out curiosity, I have discovered that Activia is a bunch of crap and I'm not even gonna touch the rest of what I have left. XD

The bacteria in Activia isn't native to a human's body; actually, the bacteria they used, I learned, is derived from animal poop. So it might help regulate you while you're eating it daily, but afterwards could cause hell on your system.
Gotcha! Well, glad you got your problem solved, Stylo! Hopefully it doesn't happen again! Haha
Yeah, me neither. Lol

Anyway, what are you up to, today?
Wish I could say the same. I wanna call off, to be honest, because I'm feeling really depressed right now, but I've already called off once and I have that long weekend in May...So yeah...
Plus, there could be a chance for me to move up again coming up soon in my department, and depending on all what happens, I might try to go for it. So we'll see what happens.
It's really up in the air right now. It mostly depends on who they pick for our new Team Leader. My current plant specialist (basically assistant manager) is planning to go for it.
If they pick Tony, the spot will open up for sure and I'll have a pretty good chance of getting his spot. If they DON'T pick him, he said it's going to be the final straw and he's going to leave. But, I'm not 100% holding my breath on that one because Tony can come off as a bit bipolar at times.
However if they don't pick him and he does actually leave, I will go for his spot depending on who they pick to be team leader. If he or she is a pretty cool person I would love to work with in leadership, I'll go for it. If they suck, then I'm gonna be looking for a new job because my current department is basically it for me beyond moving up to team leader if I decide to go that far.

So, I'm just waiting to see how everything plays out. I'm not dead set on it, so if things don't go how I'm hoping they'll go, I'll be okay.
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