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Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa


Welcome to my Health Club, Gym and Spa!
Roli seems to be missing a hangout dedicated to healthy living, so I'm making one. Still a wee bit under construction, but feel free to post!
This will be a place to discuss healthy eating, exercise, and various ways to take care of yourself. Share recipes, workouts, holistic remedies, relaxation techniques, etc.
I'm studying to be a physical therapist and personal trainer, so I love talking about the human body and how it moves.
I also love learning about different ways to take care of myself, whether it's a new relaxation technique, a new tea to enjoy, or the wonderful discovery of using turmeric as an anti-inflammatory.

Above all, this is a positive thread for motivation and healthy living!




*If you're posting a full recipe in the thread (as opposed to a link), please use the spoil feature.
**Please post only healthy recipes. We're not looking for butter and oil laden stuff here.

As recipes are posted, I'll put them here and try to label them as Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free (Please tell me if you're posting a gluten free recipe. It's not something I can recognize on sight)
Let me know if you want any other labels! I'd be glad to incorporate them!

Overnight Oatmeal (Many variations. Can be made vegan by substituting almond/soy/hemp/etc milk for both the milk and the yogurt)



I have a love of workout challenges, so I will post challenges here that everyone is welcome to participate in.
Whether they're 30 day challenges, running challenges, yoga challenges, etc, please feel free to contribute ideas, post progress information/pics, etc.

Yoga With Adriene - One of my favorite youtube yogis

Weight Lifting:


Please feel free to post links to guides and information that I can share here.


Natural/Holistic Remedies

I'm a firm believer that most run-of-the-mill ailments can be taken care of with simple and natural remedies instead of pills and pharmaceuticals. That being said, I'm definitely not a medical professional, so please follow your doctor's instructions regarding medications.

Inflammation: Turmeric. Add it to everything! (Warning, makes everything yellow.)
Stomach Ache: Mint.
Sleep/Relaxation: Lavender, Chamomile
Cold/Sore Throat: Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey mixed with hot water or tea

Please feel free to contribute more!


Monthly Goals
I love 30 day challenges. They're long enough to give something a fair chance without having to fully commit to it long term if it doesn't suit you, and there's something about the short countdown that makes it easier to stick with when things get rough and you want to back out.

Give something up, make time for hobbies, try a new workout or meal plan, etc.
Feel free to post your goals and progress here, and remember that slipping up isn't the end of the world!

My personal goals for November:
No alcohol (exception will probably be made for Thanksgiving, but we'll see)
20+ minutes of yoga everyday
Make my breakfast and lunch instead of buying it at work
Healthy, home-cooked meals instead of prepackaged or delivery
Set aside 1-hour every day for either knitting or reading, not sitting at the computer.

So, what are your goals for this month?

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Yay!! I'm so glad you have made this thread! And who better to moderate/run/rule it? ^-^

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Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

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Accountability is good. I know I need it a LOT!

I'm getting back on my plant strong lifestyle... finally. So how's this for accountability:
Today I had Kale Salad with chicpeas, avocado, and minced red onion and garlic, and A olive oil, honey, lemon dressing.
Yesterday I worked my body by doing several 3 second planks, squats, and alternating arm-toe Star workout (I don't know what else to call it).
Today I worked my body by doing 25 pushups against my low desk when I got into work.

I'm hoping to get in a cardio workout before Dinner, or at the very least an ocean swim, as well as some bedtime yoga. 30 Days of Yoga with Adrienne restarts tonight or in the morning. This time I am determined to finish it.

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Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

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“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

I've been sleeping through my yoga time in the morning, and this morning was no exception. I even put my phone across the room so I'd have to get up to turn it off. I just reset the alarm and crawled right back into bed...
I really need to get on top of that. I feel so much better when I have time to do yoga before work.
I did some push ups and sit ups when I got home because I have a PT test in a few weeks. Sit ups are usually my weak point if I don't work on them (which I haven't been) but I did just fine today, so no worries there! I need to go running tomorrow to start loosening up before the test.
As for food...I really haven't been doing well. I've ordered pizza twice in the week since the Viking left. Each time enough for multiple meals... Finished the last of it last night though, and I think I have enough veggies in the fridge to make lentil soup for the week. I'm also planning on making overnight oats to take for breakfast so I stop getting bacon so often...


Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

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Due to our overwhelming desire for pizza, @LostBoy and I started buying healthier dough at the store to MAKE our own pizza. We put lotsa veggies on the pizza and use a less dense dough for the bread. I think next is a kale pizza lol. Any chance of doing that instead to help with pizza cravings? That way at least it's homemade pizza without all the crap that the delivery places put in.

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Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

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“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”

The thing with me and pizza is that it's not a desire for pizza, but for convenience. I absolutely love homemade pizza, but I rarely have the energy to make it.
My biggest food challenge right now is going to be making myself cook instead of just giving in to ordering something. You know how much I love cooking, but when it's just me I have a hard time getting around to it.
Really, I just need the Viking to get his arse back here so I can cook for him :p
I think I have a recipe for a healthy pizza dough somewhere if you're interested.
Edit: Here it is! Oil-Free Whole Wheat Pizza Dough


Re: Kazi's Health Club * Gym * Spa

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I'd love it!

Also, in regards to it being easy... any chance of making the dough, rolling it out and then storing it flat in baggies? You could make smaller personal pizzas that way too. That way it's really just unzip-sauce-cheese-spinach-oven EAT.

That's one of the biggest challenges I have too - what's easy. So I usually spend sunday chopping veggies into containers for easy grab and dump meals...

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