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Hello :)


Hello there! My name's Gio and i'm sort of new to this site.
I used to be a member a very long time ago but forgot my account name,
so here's a fresh start.

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Welcome back!
Maybe you can look here:

And if you know part of your old username you could try searching for your account by using wildcards.

For example: I know my name had frey in it but don't know the rest. I could write *frey* and then it should show up all the possibilities of usernames with the part "frey" in it. It may give a lot of possibilities, but if you go through them you may just remember your full account name!

If you don't have access because you forgot the password I could reset your password.

You can also search by e-mail!

Anyways! Enjoy your stay here at Roliana! Make sure to check out our forums and games. :wink:


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Thanks for the advice and the warm welcome! I will look into it when I get back home, currently on a small vacation haha :smiley:

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hi it's very nice to meet you!


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