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By batmeg
I didn't see a thread for Overwatch! It was one of the biggest new games last year by Blizzard and is a ton of fun.

It's a multiplayer first-person shooter that is pretty much online only outside of training mode.

If anyone is interested in having a support and defense hero preference sort of friend... I'd be happy to exchange in-game names!

So, if you play, who are your favorite heroes to play and what sort of game types do you enjoy the most?
By `Nyuu
I was about to make a thread about overwatch then i saw this! :grinning:
I LOVE playing! and i'd also love to make new friends!
I play on Xbox, if you're interested in adding me, @ping me or PM me~ :smiley_cat:

I main! And Zarya~ but i also like trying other heroes, i'm trying to become better with Mercy too.

Anyways at the moment i've only got 1 friend that plays, so it'd be awesome to meet more!
By batmeg
I play on PC! Sadly, we can't play together, but I will root for you! :heart:

I primarily play Mercy and Lucio, I'm trying to get better with Ana. If I'm forced into a different role, I usually Mei or Junkrat. I'm not very good at the super damage-y heroes.

I do like! I wound up getting the skin in a random loot box, that was fun!
By `Nyuu
Aw such a shame! I've got a few friends playing on PC, sadly nobody seems to play on Xbox! :sob:

For me it's the other way around, i'm not so good with healers! I do have the halloween Witch skin for Mercy, i love it when she uses her super "My servants never die!" so cool! :grin: is cute! I'm still hoping to get the current event skin from Year of the Rooster, but i'd be okay with it if i don't get it~
By milky.mosaic
Gotta chime in on my GotY. ;)

I play PC and am always looking for new friends - casual or comp, I do both amply.

I'm a support-tanker myself. Zarya's my main. Like, 30hrs of Zarya. That much. Roadhog's my second best, and I can switch between all supports with no issues (depends on the comp/sitch).

I am a terrible Rein but am trying to learn, and I aspire to be able to play things like Tracer or Widow when I learn how to aim one day. <3

Anyway, on topic of the game itself, I've been blown away. Knowing nothing of Blizzard's other than WoWarcraft and Star Craft in the past, when I heard they were making a team shooter, I had no interest and I would have pegged them a shallow company. And yet...I've seen more support of minorities and more acceptance and possitivity from Blizzard via Overwatch than most other companies manage through their entire lifespans. And all they had to do was make the roster inclusive and make all types feel welcome in the Overwatch universe. Has it alwYs been this simple? Or are they just that good? Maybe a little of both.

TLDR: I honestly thank you for the whole Tracer "incident", Bliz. Respect.
By Night XIV
I'm a PS4 player myself :smile:
I try to have at least one main in every role but I ended up having at least 2 or 3 ^^;

Offense: Sombra, Reaper and Tracer
Defense: Junkrat (Although I like to call him by his real name, Jamison) and currently training with Widowmaker
Tank: Roadhog/Mako. I used to play D.Va but other D.Va players are hostile just towards me when I'm D.Va. They'll even try to attack me when they're out the MEKA, so I dropped her as a tank because I didn't like that XP
Support: Zenyatta

Right now, I just play with my boyfriend and best friend, but I've also been having some lag issues (not too much though) so I don't play as often as I used to D:
But once Orisa makes her appearance, I'm definitely playing again, Lag or not lol

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