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Nintendo Switch

So.... anyone got one yet?
Planning to get one?

The bf and I would like one (currently a PC gaming and lightly Playstation household), but we don't have the cash upfront and as with most consoles, it might be good to wait for a second generation.
This becomes more clear to me the more I read about things seeming not that high quality or how one has to pay a lot to buy extra but kind of sort of necessary parts.

The concept seems really nice though. We don't have a TV in the bedroom, but taking some gaming along to snuggle in would be so nice. Also some games just need to be played more handheld and this gives that option while still letting them look pretty nice.

Re: Nintendo Switch

Ah I would love one. Simply for Breath of the wild. But just before xmas I bought myself a PS4 so I think a switch so soon would be a tad much xD

Re: Nintendo Switch

I've never really owned Nintendo systems since the SNES, for which I was too young to reallly play or ever buy games for, so Zelda has largely passed me by, but I theoretically totally understand the appeal.

Personally, I saw Stardew Valley would be out for it and that was a game that playing on PC always made me long for the allnighters spent in bed, playing Harvest Moon for always just one more day. So having it on a console that I could also take to bed sounds just really cool.

But aside from problems with the console and sturdiness of some things, I prefer to wait until consoles have a good library of games.
My bf bought a PS4 sometime last year and I still think the purchase has just barely payed off. It's only starting to now, slowly.

Re: Nintendo Switch

A friend of mine bought it the second he could, to play the Zelda game; He said if you have the money just laying around, sure get it. But if it's JUST for Zelda, or any other reason, probably hold off on getting it for now. The cost of buying it isn't worth the ONE good game for it currently, and while it has nifty things it can do, it's super expensive still right now. And again, only the ONE good game for it kind of hurts it, with no real plans to make other great games soon enough to warrant speeding out after it xD

On a personal note, I've seen a LOT of them selling second-hand, from people that literally got it just for Zelda, played thru Zelda, and are done now. I'd say go for those! Chances are they're still super new-like condition, and are going for ~$200 less than retail :D

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