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Bleh is right for Gaia. The last time I was really active on that site, was when Roli was shut down for 2 week while switching over to Roli 2.0

And okay! I will do so! I'm always looking for new place to chat!

Oooh! Thank you for the suggestion! Is their 16mb limit in account totality or per file? Because I have more than 16mb total in all my animated gifs. The individual files are not that heavy as far as file size.


Xia glowed so bright and her gently buzz was loud […]

☙≔≔★☽★☽☆♰☆♆⩶⩶∗ B ∗ E ∗ A ∗ U ∗ T ∗ I […]

☙≔≔★☽★☽☆♰☆♆⩶⩶∗ B ∗ E ∗ A ∗ U ∗ T ∗ I […]

Maybe once or twice? Haha And mine is like super […]

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