Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!


I knew there was a "u" in there somewhere! Thank you. I think I need to start roleplaying again,
then my English improves a little bit more.

To me, it can be a real one, but you can opt for not sharping it and it can, at most, become a weapon to hit someone with and they'll still survive XD So yeah there is that. I totally get the being clumsy and everything, so I would just not sharpen the swords.
Prop weapons are sometimes so freaking awesome. All that detail! It can be so amazing.

I'm always amazed when I see great cosplays! It makes me wish I was a bit smaller in width so I could cosplay alot more.
I'm actually hoping to make an anime school uniform myself because I can't find my size anywhere. But ofcourse I need to find a decent japanese school skirt :P Maybe I should just buy 2 cheap ones, and then open it up and combine both of them into 1 big skirt haha :laughing:


You're welcome! I think it's amazing that you can speak 2 languages (or more)! What is your first language?

I love cosplay too. I'm not talented enough to make my own stuff though, so I usually have to buy cheap ones or commission someone to make one. That tends to leave me without cosplay because I'm too nervous to commission or broke in general haha.


My first language is Dutch. (I live in Belgium FYI) I had English in school, always sucked at it. Mainly due to the crappy way of testing. I mean what point is it to test your knowledge but not let you SEE your mistakes. So at the end of the school year we got to look into our tests of the year and I was like: what? I made the exact same mistake every single freaking time! What a waste of points...

Moving on ...

Lol, yeah I don't know if I'd actually be good in making my own props, but honestly I want to give it a go. I already got my wigs, got my school uniform socks. I am really thinking of ordering to smaller skirts and combining them into one. So all that is then left is the top half. Maybe I can buy a men's white shirt with short sleeves and actually get something that fits me. Because all the women's white shirts, always open up at the embarrasing part. So annoying! I don't get why people sell stuff for women but do not think of the actual female body x_X
If I can make all of this work, I'll have a better cosplay then my dirndl dress ^^; A little bit more comfortable too.

How about clothing? You have a 'correct' body shape to actually buy costumes, or not? With correct I mean, a body shape that actually has some outfits to buy for. Without needing to spend millions to get it?



I only speak English. Unless you count myself taking Spanish in high school, where I did really well, but after years of non-practice, I barely remember what I learned.
I'd like to learn ASL, and maybe something like Icelandic, German, etc.

While sewing, arts and crafts are interests/hobbies of mine, adding cosplay will be too much for me.



That's kind of how I feel about learning French. We were forced to learn French and my French just got worse and worse with each year I was forced to learn it. I would've prefered learning other languages like German or Spanish or Japanese... I have just stuck to knowing about 4 sentences in French. Something along the lines of "hey I'm Cindy. My French is terrible. Can we speak in Dutch or English?" :laughing:
I would also like to learn sign language, but I think it would be easier to learn if I had someone I knew that was deaf, so I could have a goal (to communicate with them) and keep on actually using it.

Lolz, I started sewing a bit, but I have the issue of not finding any decent cloth stores. Or they're like mega expensive. Like 100 euros for like 2 meters of fabric -sigh- Not great if you just wish to test things out... >..> Again, cosplay would become a nice goal of mine to add to my wish to sew things etc.


Dutch! That's awesome. I agree there too, they should have told you as you progressed so you could improve your English as you went along. That seems like it wouldn't help at all. I took French in high school and only remember a few things too haha.

As far as props go, I'm sure everyone starts out not doing very well. It's something where you learn and improve as you go.

Luckily I am a very small bodied person so I can find most things in my size. Pants are my only issue because I have really long legs for my size.


Things sure have slowed down with the event. Not many new applications for the second avatar contest. It's almost like everyone is on holiday or something. XD


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