Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!


Yeah maybe they feel stable. Like they don't need constant re-assurance that they're hot or whatever? I dunno.

It's bloody annoying.

Omg did I ever tell you about that one time in 2015 where I was working in a school and one of the kids called me ma'am? In a way that child is raised perfectly because he shows respect to others.
But I felt so OLD ! :laughing: I guess it all has its downsides and upsides haha.

I hope my future, currently non existant, kids will be kind though. And respectful and definitely not bullies. Open for all kinds of people, no matter their skin color or religion or sexual preferences. Just be friends with them all and see them for what they are: people. All shapes and sizes. Just accept everyone and not to judge them.



Ma'am! XD That is such a rare thing! lol
Like when I went to my friend's house she tell her kid to call me "auntie" which is the polite way but that moment I felt so old!

Yes I think it'll go that way but just a slow process. Maybe I'll see it when I'm in my 80s XD
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We both prefer to remain young forever XD

I wonder sometimes, what the world will be like in 50 years time.



Yup! But sometimes I guess we need to face the truth..... forever young in our hearts!!!
Oh someone at work thinks I'm in my 20s XD (I'm 30)

50 years time.... hmm.... well... we might have flying cars if not cars that can be powered by some other stuff. Gender isn't a problem? People are marrying with aliens?
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Oh you're looking very hopefull to the future haha. I'm even wondering if we're still alive by then. Maybe some idiot pressed the wrong button and KABOEM! World gone XD



Well.... there is that. Not to mention there are some crazy leaders *cough US cough NK cough*
but other then that I'm think it can go ether way, we have a earth that so so polluted or the earth have gone a bit greener.

Green tea cookies!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite!!!! *num num num num*
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I guess alot of it has to do with decent politicians that stop digging their heads in the sand and see what is right in front of them. I mean something that is really specific in my country: if you are a company and buy an electric car, then you get a discount as to encourage the companies to invest in electric cars. HOWEVER, when you don't have a company and would like to go green and buy an electric car, then we get nothing. While the polution doesn't come just from companies but also our countries huge car park. And I think that goes for alot, if not all, countries x_X So yeah.

I find it utterly ridiculous to be honest. Oh well.


Yeah guess it's really also companies who makes cars goes green. maybe we will go in the greener direction but who knows. We can do our bits and little bits counts ^^
If I don't think of it that way it's really depressing....


Honestly I think governments just need to realise it is not enough to focus on companies alone. Because it's so easy for them to install dozens of solar panels on their property and get cheap electricity that way, but if the governments would also think of the regular people, then we could put solar panels on EACH rooftop of EVERY home and EVERYONE could have cheap electricity and we could go completely green.
But in my country, they only focused on the companies and the rich people and they could easily afford solar panels and got almost their entire money paid back pft. But people who didn't have 50 to 100k lying around couldn't enjoy that money back thing.

And what's more: those people who couldn't afford it, were then responsible to pay MORE on their electricity taxes so the government could pay back the rich people for their green certificates >..< How insane is that?!




Too bad I can't just become a politician and take over. I think under my leadership things would progress so much on so many different topics.

It's like with the taxes they impossed on certain roads for truck drivers. I knew from the start this would be bad. They said it would be the solution for all the traffic jams etc, but I knew it wouldn't help.
So guess what, it didn't help. AND there are now more traffic accidents on other roads involving children because all the truck drivers now go through residental areas to avoid the taxes on the main roads... So they made a more dangerous situation. So their solution? To push through the same taxes onto regular car drivers :laughing: Great way to get rid of the traffic jams on highways but create them in the towns and have even more accidents XD So they have something that is NOT working and then they just keep on going through with it? Idiots. I don't need a research group to tell me the plan failed....
But all the government sees is more money...



Oh it's the same here! Like the big recycling problems you have to pay to dump big stuff like unwanted fridges and such. So people start going to places and do road dump which means it cost government more money to close road to do the cleaning. What was their solution you have to pay more to do the recycling. Me was like WTF!? Result more road side dumping lol

Oh the current Uk government is bad.. you know how they are forcing on brexit when most people are like changing mind about it, anyway an't going well. but yeah.... UK current government all they want is power and they are clinging on it as much as they can but it's starting to collapse .
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LOL Yeah that's the way to go XD Let's tax them more and just increase the problem. Instead of solve the issue. To me, I think a better solution would've been: create a program where the government collects the big stuff from your house. Ofcourse you still need to pay to do the recycling itself maybe a very small extra fee to come collect the items. BUT this also means people no longer need to find transport to bring those big stuff to the dump... This will outweigh dumping it illegally I think.... I don't know, it's the first thing that comes to mind. Making things cheaper won't necessarily stop the illegal dumping... So not sure...

UK was already special for keeping the pound instead of going full euro. So I don't really see the point in a Brexit. But oh well. Politicians....


Oh they do have that but they do charge quite a bit so people just throw it away somewhere so they don't need to pay for it :(

I know! Besides it's the older generation wants it out and the younger still wants it in. So yeah that's the debate. But think more and more people realised that they lied and now want a re-vote. Politicians...... and they know they are screwed at the moment but they are just holding on to see how much they can hold on. We think the PM will be out by the end of this year or I hope she will!
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