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I have no sore throath experience, but if it really hurts, ice pops all the way. And medicine-wise there's only trachitol that helps for me. Strepsils taste good, but don't really do their job imho. Otherwise, just rest.

Cough I really don't know, it's been so long that I had that, drinking lots is always good I think.

Ugh, I hate it when I have a cold and the cough sticks around for weeks. >.<

Hotarla wrote:
Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:32 pm
looooool 'sick it out'?
It's not an expression? o:
In Dutch we have that kind of expression to say to people who are sick and don't feel like going to the doctor ^^;

I've never heard such an expression before. :o

I guess I was thinking of sweat it out and thought "well then sick it out will exist too" xD

As long as people understand my great translations, I'm fine :p
Libby; yeaaaah i still have the odd cough myself...D; its not going awaaaaay...;-; i've been 'sicking it out' but its been too longggggg...problem is the weather, the cold air gets into my lungs and then i COUGH.
Hotarla, why not go to the doctor if it doesn't get any better? ._.
Doesn't seem like fun to keep having that cough the whole Winter ..

Jodelien xD Did I make a new English expression?
There might be more if I just translate literally from Dutch :p
the problem is there's no cure for a cough. the last time i went to the doctor, they're like 'welllllll since there's really nothing you can do about a cough, you can always take cough suppressants and drink/eat lots of honey....'

like srs, legit, he was like 'honey'...xD;; so i'm like 'le sighhhhh'
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