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I have no sore throath experience, but if it really hurts, ice pops all the way. And medicine-wise there's only trachitol that helps for me. Strepsils taste good, but don't really do their job imho. Otherwise, just rest.

Cough I really don't know, it's been so long that I had that, drinking lots is always good I think.

Ugh, I hate it when I have a cold and the cough sticks around for weeks. >.<

Hotarla wrote:
Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:32 pm
looooool 'sick it out'?
It's not an expression? o:
In Dutch we have that kind of expression to say to people who are sick and don't feel like going to the doctor ^^;

I've never heard such an expression before. :o

I like the translation of sick it out though. ;-P You can sit something out I think, but not sure if that'd refer to illnesses. I did find "sweat it out"? Would that be similar?
I guess I was thinking of sweat it out and thought "well then sick it out will exist too" xD

As long as people understand my great translations, I'm fine :p
Libby; yeaaaah i still have the odd cough myself...D; its not going awaaaaay...;-; i've been 'sicking it out' but its been too longggggg...problem is the weather, the cold air gets into my lungs and then i COUGH.
@sifri: It's starting to actually become a word, people are picking it up already! Now to wait 'till the English equivalent of the Van Dale dictionary will pick it up. Some oxford dictionary maybe? :grimacing:
Hotarla, why not go to the doctor if it doesn't get any better? ._.
Doesn't seem like fun to keep having that cough the whole Winter ..

Jodelien xD Did I make a new English expression?
There might be more if I just translate literally from Dutch :p
the problem is there's no cure for a cough. the last time i went to the doctor, they're like 'welllllll since there's really nothing you can do about a cough, you can always take cough suppressants and drink/eat lots of honey....'

like srs, legit, he was like 'honey'...xD;; so i'm like 'le sighhhhh'
I feel the trachitol works, it's a serious tranquilizer (at least, in higher doses they use it in hospitals during operations, so, it's the real stuff I think. XD) in a light dose that tranquilizes the pain in your throat, so at least I'm able then to swallow. Which is useful. Other stuff, doesn't do the trick for me. Honey, useless. Liquorice is still ok, as in, it tastes good, but that's it.

And yep, I think cough is usually a viral infection, and since there's no solution to those... :>
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