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The reason there's no vaccine for the common cold is because it's not one virus but hundreds of different viruses causing it. You actually develop immunity to a strain naturally once you've had it once, but because there are so many different strains you get to go through the whole process all over again for each strain. \o/

They actually do have antivirals which reduced the longevity of viral infections, but they're usually only given on prescription if you're at increased risk of serious complications, for reasons I don't know. Perhaps to reduce the chance of the viruses developing resistant strains from widespread use.


Could someone be entirely resistant? I doubt it actually, but I think that general good health could help in avoiding it. Probably the reason they tend to give the elderly and young kids those flu vaccins. Usually those also just contain the older types, so I never had any. I think nowadays they tend to mix the "general" flu in baby vaccins though.
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