Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!
@ Jack Frost: Maybe try an extra pillow, make sure your head stays at the highest point. It helped a bit for me. Otherwise some simple, saltless, tasteless kind of crackers next to your bed. If it hits, eating tend to help for me. xD No other tips, except that it'll all be over in July. ;-)

Snow in may does sound bad. D: Are you in Canada? I never had a babyshower, apart from getting loads of baby gifts, are there other special things? And believe me, don't go with toys and ask little of the "cutie, tiny clothes". They grow out of it FAST. 0-3M is SO cute, but rather useless. 2 weeks for me, 4 weeks in general and 6 weeks top I think. Useless. Just like toys for babies up to 6M (I'd almost say 1 year). Useless. Give them a hug and a wooden spoon. And a plastic bottle with beans and ribbon in it. Or an old set of keys. In general, anything YOU also have. Also, if you intend on buying the great looking, pretty wooden toys, they'll throw it aside whenever they see the ugly plastic toy mother-in-law brought which even lights up. And often tends to make a LOT of noise. D: D: D:

I'll just get lost now, I don't want to spoil all the fun. ;-P

Re: * Faerie's Fairground || Free Raffle: Yin Yang

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Oh toys that makes sounds! I mean when they play it they look at you and if you make the face of "please stop playing with that toy" I'm 100% sure they keep on going because your face is funny! (I have no kids but this is when my brother was a baby)
lol I did forget all about that and bought a toy that play music for my friend and she texted me that when I have kids she's going to give me a taste of my own medicine. Oooops!

But cloths I will remember that! Buy only what they need and all the pretty ones buy it in bigger size!
I think my niece's child had everything even before he was born O.o Her family is really crazy about him. When I went to babyvisit, I really didn't know what gift to give him since he got everything already... And even now, every time I go to her home, I'm amazed at how many toys he has..

Re: * Faerie's Fairground || Free Raffle: Yin Yang

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I remember when I was a kit I had lots of plushies. Then had to donate most of it away cause it was gathering dust and we had no space :(
I still have a few of my old ones stuffed away in boxes. And my new ones all together on a big footstool (which actually was part of our couch but I "stole" it xD )
lots of dust though indeed o: I should clean them more often ._.

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