Charities, lotteries, and giveaways ahoy!
Hey Fuu: Not that I'm in charge, but yes you may! ;-D

Knitting has never been my thing, I knitted holes, but not on purpose, so... I do like crochet though, it's easier I guess?

Giving something handmade is always neat. :) I've made many baby gifts, for other's but also my own. I'm sure not every single thing was very useful, but they all appreciated the gesture. :)

Maybe a memory thing? With the name and perhaps some general data like the date and time of when the baby was born? You could even add in length and weight, as a birth-keepsake thing.

Food is always good, like seriously! <3 Everyone needs good food and it was so nice to have near-strangers come by after a month after baby was born, with everything to just spoil us for dinner. With plenty of extra. Ever since I love that idea.

Otherwise, clothes are also neat. But try the bigger sizes too. After 68 or 6 months, you can use it at least a season. Yes, it's always a guess if the baby would fit in and is true to the store sizes (or the other way around, whatever), but 100 tees in size newborn just isn't very useful. They're the cutest, but in my case my eldest fit in that size for 2 weeks only (my 2nd and 3rd had that size for a month, so they're not all huge, but you get the idea)

Gift cards can be useful too, especially when you still need to get everything, from bath to stroller. Kidclothes giftcards could work too, so they could be used later on in the right size. Oh, I think I forgot my favourite actually, books! <3 Pretty books, perhaps your favourite when you were a kid. They're great to read, not as a baby, but later on. Baby's grow too. I've been reading to them ever since they were 1,5 I think? Maybe a little sooner. The little one's love the "point and name it" game. Don't tell the story, just the "book, bear, see, there's a car" kind of stories. 2-3 year olds can sit down and with nice drawings, they can hear 3-4 sentences per page. But you can creatively use the books over and over again really, I just waited with telling the whole story when they were little.

And it's good to have many books, 'cause even though kiddos want to hear the same one all the time, I love variation, haha. I have no tips about good one's though, my 4 & 6 year old love the Borre books, me too, but those are Dutch. So I'm no help here.
Next day, but it's going fine so far. In between my recent Netflix addiction, I seem to be able to still get some work done and even a bit of laundry... Netflix is evil. :cry:

Re: * Faerie's Fairground || Free Raffle: Yin Yang

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I've been ok.
Feeling a bit down again... mind is on about job and how I'm still a tempt after a year. Guess I shouldn't really complain cause I still got a job and earn money but at the same time I want something that tells me I'm safe. :/

Re: * Faerie's Fairground || Free Raffle: Yin Yang

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Well.... at the moment I'm getting a low point where I just want to walk away from the job and just hid in a dark room and cry.
My supervisors does care but telling them about this won't change much really cause it's nothing they can do. They will tell me to apply for the job when it's out but the hours they give aren't something I can work so... it's a shit situation really. :/

Maybe I just need a proper holiday to get away from the city for a bit.
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