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Ahh... na china doesn't have declining birth but the reason they are letting people to have two is because of the ageing population. So if that kid dies no one care for the old and they haven't gotten enough to really look after them.


ahhh right, that's true, must've got my facts wrong lool.
but goooooosh, i thought the ice storm here knocked out my wireless. and it did, i think, for a bit of time. i just got it back less than an hour ago lol, after unplugging and replugging everything lol.

I dont know why not when we got her she was a couple months old and she loved playing in her water dish and getting wet but ovwr time she stop playing in her dish and dont like rain much Lol. She hates baths with a passion just like her nails. Her nails are the worst she acts like she is litterally dying so I take her to the vet for her bails and they are sayingthe same thing that she acts like she is dying or being tortured takes 3 people For that little baby 1 to pet one to clip and one to hold her.


awwwwww...well did she have an incident with water that traumatized or something? or, i hear that sometimes cats don't like getting baths because they aren't dried properly and it can make them sick or something....i'd assume it might be the same thing with dogs? iunno, i'm just grasping at straws lol.

With a puppy their first bath is most important because if its not done right they can become afraid of it. we got her when she was 2 to 3 months old so whoever gave her a bath she obviously didnt like it. She is finally okay walking up to the bathroom and poking her head in but thats it. I use the shower head know give her a shower its easier and less noise then the waterfall from the faucet.
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