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By retrocrebbon
So... I've been gone a while. I got kidney failure, saw my left arm sliced up twice whilst awake to make fistulas for dialysis, put on dialysis for 4 months, which SUCKED! Screamed my head off every time I got stabbed with a needle, hated it.

Last August I got my transplant, an almost new kidney and a pancreas. Yup, a shiny new pancreas. I had diabetes since I was 4, 25 years, and now no more! It's amazing.

I set a record for quickest release time for a kidney and pancreas transplant, normally people stay in hospital for 2 weeks or more, I was out before lunch on day 8 because I hate hospital so much.

I've now got a HUGE scar from just under my ribs to the top of my groin, the surgeon also took photos of my new organs and a great shot of me sliced open, brilliant pics.

I'm getting stronger, got my mojo back, drawing like crazy. Only downside is I have no immune system now and catch every bug going around. Other than that, I'm fan-bloody-tastic.
By `Nyuu

I'm very happy you're doing better! There's nothing better in the world than having a good health. :wink:

I myself have problems with my liver since i was born, a transplant could either help me or not, so i'm not taking the risk, it's a choice i had to make for myself but i stand by my decision.

I'm so glad it all worked out for you!
About the low immune system, all i can suggest is avoid contact with people you know are sick and wash your hands often! :smile:
By prism
agh, that sounds terrible, but i'm glad you've gotten through it and are doing so much better! though i do have to ask...
retrocrebbon wrote:
Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:11 pm
... an almost new kidney and a pancreas. Yup, a shiny new pancreas.
what's the difference between almost new and brand does... where did they come from respectively? because i thought there was only one place, but there are clearly two different options going on that i did NOT know about here. :fearful:

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