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By insaneluzer
So recently I went from liking a guy from work who I had hooked up with (update: he's a douchebag) to having a crush on a guy I met online who, as it turns out, lives only like 20 miles away from me. The problem is this guy is super duper shy, has like no self esteem, and barely talks to me because he worries about coming across as "clingy." After dealing with the last guy, though, I can't help but feel suspicious that he just doesn't actually want to get to know me or encourage me to like him more. I know he talks to a lot of girls online, but I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions and assume he's saying the same kinds of things to them as he says to me. I just wish I could convince him to trust me and give me a chance. I don't even mean that I want to rush into a relationship, I just hope to get a chance to meet him in person. Ugh, this is so frustrating! Why does every guy I end up liking keep pushing me away? T-T
By Francis
Sometimes it'd be so nice if all life was as simple as Tinder for my sister :joy:
When she matches up with a guy there and it seems okay, within the first few messages she'll go straight into saying to meet up.
She doesn't have the patience for all the chat back and forth when she's got half a dozen other matches and when chemistry can be quite different IRL.

I definitely understand your want to push for an RL meeting, too. Regardless of any romantic interest, if you talk to someone online for a while and get along well and then find out they live close... I'd be all over heading straight over to them to meet up!
I drove 5 hours by train, each way, twice to meet an online buddy who was nearby for a few weeks. And we weren't even that close before and haven't talked in forever, since, but it was nice to see that what did keep us buddies online also worked offline, regardless!

Of course, it could go the other way. Maybe he feels more confident when being able to pick his words online or is insecure about appearances or whatever? Maybe there's worry that if you don't go together well offline, the online friendship will be gone.
Or maybe he really isn't that into you =/
I'd be all for asking, in your position, to be honest. Like, if you can't communicate openly and honestly about it right now, then how's that a good basis for.. whatever it is or could be?

But then, a bit like my sister, I feel like I've just grown old and impatient and can't be arsed with wishy-washy he-likes-me-he-likes-me-nots (and have been lucky enough that I didn't need to rattle my brain over it the last couple of times, cause that, especially if things went nowhere cause I just flat out ignored THE OBVIOUS SIGNS and ran headfirst into walls, was hella frustrating).

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