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Dating issues...

Hello Roliana Users.

I recently have been trying to date girls for the past month (After last year with the one night standers I gave up ¬_¬) and I only really started chatting to one person, I told her my story and she told me hers.
How ever my problem is I keep getting into my head that all people are cheats like my ex and she is no different.
Its been two years since I found out and the thought is constantly there which has affected things in the past that goes for people trying to get close to me and pushing them away.
Online I'm pretty much a sweetheart I mean I'm traveling on a hour train just to meet someone I have never met before (even though she was questioning if she should meet me next week... Today)
But I keep getting these stupid thoughts, its like I know she seems different and a great person online but I think she is hiding a darker personality and isn't who I think she is.
Trust isn't my strong point because of my experience with people that has used and betrayed me.

Maybe its too early to try to date for a serious relationship but its been nearly two years and I'm lonely as hell, got no friends that want me around and my family...Less said about them the better ¬_¬.
The person I'm gonna date stated that I haven't let go of the past completely and she understood why...Told her its because the past is my lessons but I'm having doubt about meeting her now because she tried to bail... My gut says she taken an interest on another guy now but she still giving me a chance at least.

Anyway those are my Issues
Total Paranoia
The Works ¬_¬

Re: Dating issues...

` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

I can relate,
I've been cheated on and ever since i find it very hard to trust people. I can't believe anymore that there are genuine people out there who would be faithful to me their whole life without cheating. That's called broken trust and once trust is broken it's very very hard to fix it again. But somehow we have to learn to trust again, see the good in people and believe in them when they promise us to treat us the way we deserve to be treated and not cheated on...

I know that is incredibly hard, but that's the only thing we've got.
I wish you goodluck and i truly hope things will work out for you!

Re: Dating issues...

I have also been cheated on before...several times. And can really screw with your ability to trust people.

I still believe there are people who can and do remain faithful to each-other, but it also doesn't surprise me anymore when I find-out that people have cheated or have been cheated on.

It upsets me to know there are people who think cheating on someone is no big deal when it really is. (and FYI, I do not count open, polyamorous relationships as cheating.)

I have not been in a relationship for years (or even so-much as kissed another person in years!) but that's only because I am not going to force myself to jump in the dating game if my heart is not in it.

Even so, I hope things go well for you. Best of luck!
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