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Things you're grateful for

There's many things in life that are unfair and painful, and there's nothing wrong with being angry or sad, but I thought it might be nice to have a place to recall good things too. Even if it's just something cheesy or corny. :blush:

I'm grateful for my cats, and for my friends, who despite me being cold sometimes and forgetting to keep in touch still love me. I'm grateful for all the late nights on the floor drunk with my friends sharing our thoughts and feelings. I'm grateful that my mum is still proud of me even though I didn't finish high school until I was 22, that despite sometimes when I was a child not being sure she could afford to feed us never let me know, and most of all that her health is improving.

Re: Things you're grateful for

I am grateful that I am a mother, have a loving partner and a lovely family. Happy that my health is stable, and that Im finally able to save money.

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` ⇢ .мєσω. ˁ•ᴥ•ˀ

I'm grateful for having the best parents and family, i love them with all my heart and each day i realise how lucky i am to have them. I'm also grateful for my friends that are always there for me when i need them. <33

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I'm grateful for my parents having given me a wonderful childhood even though we were poor, for putting me on number one on their priority list and loving me without prejudice. I'm grateful for the unconditional love I've received from all my pets, past and present.
I'm grateful for having a roof over my head and food to put into my mouth.
I'm grateful to my friends online for being such wonderful friends and being there for me when I needed them the most.

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My children. My late wife (rip my sweetheart). My fiancée.

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I'm grateful for my supportive network of friends (irl and internet), family, various authorities and so on.
Without them, I wouldn't have been able to turn my life around for the better, and I feel immensely grateful that they stuck with me even when *I* would have left me if I could.

I'm grateful that I've been given as much help as I have, and I'm grateful for everything that has gone right in my otherwise error-filled life :heartbeat:

Re: Things you're grateful for

▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀    PUG SAYS
xxxxxxxxxxxxx I'm grateful for my painful high school years. Dubbed hell, this high school really does live up to its expectations when it comes to preparing for colleges. Even thought the years were long and torturous, the work done has clearly paid off. Through sleepless nights and endless assignments, I'm grateful that my parents made me go there. Time well spent with friends and clubs/teams were amazing. I've made memories that i will NEVER forget.Even though people are always happy to get out of that hell hole, i can't ever help but to think about the memories i've made. I remember the day after graduation... I was really sad because I was leaving. The teachers, the extracurricular activities, the cocky and intelligent atmosphere, the teams, the rallies, everything! People always wish they could leave but I would always do everything over again. Thanks, high school. <3

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I'm grateful for so much. I'm grateful to eat rice and beans while my husband is in another state working, paying our bills and catching us up [and then some]. I'm grateful for the job that brings promise and brighter futures to us. I'm grateful for a strong, independent, hard working daughter who is healthy alongside her brother. Grateful for overall good health with my loved ones!! :D

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I'm grateful for my significant other, and my aunt on my mother's side. My significant other has been there to provide emotional support when I got home from the military and my aunt on my mother's side is letting me live with her (without that I would be homeless). I'm grateful for the job I have, which is the first good job I've ever had (decent pay, good benefits, friendly coworkers). This job has also given me the tools to help me with apartment hunting because I can look up tax maps and deeds for places I'm going to be going to an open house to. That allows me to make sure it isn't a scam, or at the very least I can verify that the person that says they own the place actually owns it as well as making sure the place actually exists. My therapist is awesome, and I'm glad I met her when I did because she is a phenomenal therapist who really does care about her patients. In a weird twist of things, I'm grateful for the fact I'm able to be there for my significant other, he's homeless right now and I've been letting him stay with me. It's been nice being able to go to sleep with him every night, and I feel like in some ways it's given us a chance to really bond and talk about issues in the relationship as they come up.

This is also an awesome thread because, for me anyway, it kinda got me thinking about more positive things rather than the negative.

Re: Things you're grateful for

In a sense i'm grateful for everything. I grateful to be alive and breathing. I'm so thankful for my family. they may not be the best but I still love them. Thankful for my pets, my home, my bed, people who came in and left my life, friends, enemies. just everything. because in the end it all led up to the me I am now and with all my flaws and insecurities I'm just so thankful. Yall ever just sit down and think how crazy it is how you are here right now. you were a spem and you grew up to the you you are now. we are spirits hosting a physical body. Doesnt that just throw your head in. it blows my mind.
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