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Weight issues

I’ve been thin my entire life and people never fail to tell me how lucky I am to be so thin.
But its not lucky. Its actually a damn pain.

I weighed 98 pounds at 18yrs which was a UK size 4 or 6 (US 2-4?). I stayed a UK size 6 for nearly the next 7 years and no matter how hard I tried I could only put on a few more pounds removing the size 4 completely and sitting comfortably in a size 6 and sometimes 8.

And then I got some anti-depressants with a side effect I was so happy to be effected by. Within 7 months I went from a size 6 to JUST reaching a size 10. I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I had to get rid of some of my favourite clothes but no biggy, pocessions are nothing.
But then I came off meds and I had come to terms with losing weight, within one month I re-lost an inch and a half off my waistline dropping back down to a size 8. I could handle that, that was fine. I kept my size 8 clothes, the size 6’s went to my 15yr old sister.

6 more months have past. And i’m a less than a size 6.
I am so unhappy. Its a new uniform season and everything is loosely fitted due to the amount of weight i’ve lost and i’m seriously fearing I weigh the same if not less than I did when I was 18yrs. I have no scales to weigh myself and even if I did I would be too afraid to stand on them.

My diet has not changed, if anything I eat more due to my increased appetite during taking medication which has continued on after coming off them.
I’m debating booking a doctors appointment but I fear wasting their time for something so petty.

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how tall are you? this is important

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hm, i'm 5' 7 and i weigh 140 which is right for my height and sex

it's still a good idea for you to see a doctor anyway because rapid weight change can be bad

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Finally got my doctors appointment today.

Told her about the weight loss and before she started asking questions I happen to mention how hot the room was and took off my cardigan, to which she replied the heating is broken. So I was like ah well I never really get cold, i’m a tad weird like that.

Turns out weight loss and a high body temperature are signs of an overactive thyroid gland.

Other symptoms include,
Trouble sleeping.
mood swings
Persistant weakness and tiredness
and palpitations.

Things I have all complained about in the past. The only thing I haven’t had is the throat swelling

So blood tests at the end of the month to see my hormone levels… yay.

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I really hope it's something simple like that and that you can gain some weight again after taking the necessary meds to normalize your hormone levels. And then hopefully all those other effects like sleep problems, anxiety etc go away as well. And that your life gets so much more comfortable!

I wished I had something similar though hehe ^^; That my thyroid gland would decide to become overactive and I'd lose weight, I can sure use the weight loss :P And then level it all out with meds and have a healthy weight. Not this overweight package I'm dealing with right now.

Because with me, everyone is saying I should get that operation (where they shrink your stomach) and I'm like hell no! I don't eat much already and honestly I don't want to feel nauseated each time I eat even a handfull of food! Or worse, actually throw up. So I simply refuse that. I'm not -that- overweight either and with me it's definitely not a "too much food" problem. It's the stuff I drink and eat that is bad. (Like soda and not enough veggies and too much meat) And ofcourse a lack of exercise. So yeah.

It makes me wonder though...Can't they give me meds that will trigger my thyroid gland to become overactive? To trigger weight loss. Talk about weight loss in a pill :astonished: Nobody every considered that?


Re: Weight issues

Lol, when I get my hormone results I’ll let you know which ones are causing the weight loss :wink:

At first I was sort of doubtful this will be the actual cause but after talking to my mum i’ve discovered she had an operation on her gland earlier in the year as it was telling her body to produce a large amount of calcium. (They originally though it was secondary bone cancer then discovered it was the gland)
So the possibility of me having an overactive gland has increased xD
Just hoping I get the meds treatment though and not the surgery :grimacing:
Then again the not being cold thing helps out in the winter if I can’t afford bills maybe I can put off treatment until summer comes lol.

Wait wait wait, people are telling you to get that operation!? :anger: Thats not good, and that also doesn’t sound like a pleasant thing to do either D:

I’m literally forced to exercise. I’m required to climb 6 flights of stairs every time a customer wants me to check the stockroom for them.

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I have also often gotten comments about being lucky that I'm so small and that others wish they were my size. Then of course there's the ones (usually older men??) that say I should eat more. Not that it's their business.
My size never really bothered me until a few years ago (I'm 23 now) when my lady doctor asked if I had an eating disorder. Which I proceeded to say no. So then she started telling me about it, as if I didn't know what an eating disorder was.

I was pretty close to your size. A tad under 100lbs, 5'1" For me this was anywhere between a size 0-3(US) depending on the clothing. 1 Preferably. Which is underweight. For 5'1" I believe 100lbs is the cutoff for being underweight.

As far as I know this was all just due to a high metabolism and eating habits, though.

Then I moved to my college town and started eating more regularly since I didn't have to commute and stuff like that. I finally got over 100lbs, currently probably at 105 or 6. Last I checked, my iron was also where it was suppose to be. I take pills. So things are looking better there, too.

I hope everything goes smoothly with your appointments. <3 My friend's mother had some thyroid issues I think that had a pretty direct correlation with her size. I think it was pretty manageable though after they knew about it, though!

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@ivydoodle : they're treating the surgery as if it is a magic tool to fix all my problems. But in the same sentence they're saying it's not a magic tool and you need to work with a dietitian and psychologist etc to make it work better. But still they're like: do the surgery, do the surgery. Pft idiots. First I'll start exercising more and working on my diet and THEN, when all of that fails, I might do that surgery. Well no...probably still won't do it XD I'd rather do a lyposuction before I'd do a gastric band surgery. It's less invasive. And I can see the result immediately which will trigger me to exercise more and diet more. So it'll have more a positive effect on my life. Instead of the gastric band surgery which will just make my life miserable because I'll NEVER be able to actually ENJOY food.

6 flights of stairs: WTF? No wonder you're skinny. Maybe you're exercising too much for the amount of calories you take in? That's also a possibility. Aside from the overactive thyroid gland.

@foxotanashi and @ivydoodle : A friend of mine was petite as well (it's what I like to call being small and thin like that = petite. Sounds better, no?) and she was told from her doctor that she needed to drink these shakes on top of her normal meal. So she ate her regular meal and then drank those shakes that is just filled to the brim with vitamins and calories but wouldn't fill her up as much but would surely add some necessary calories to her diet. Have you guys ever tried that to gain weight?
Although I didn't get it because she was ALWAYS munching on some snack. Like chips or whatever. She ate -alot- of McDonalds. She's a vegetarien though so that might have something to do with it. But seriously, A LOT of McDonalds. I gained like 10 kg just from hanging out with her for a year x_X and only occassionally eating french fries =/ She was surprised I could last several days on 1 small pack of chips while she'd eat 3 in 1 day. Like I could eat 5 times from 1 pack. But I was 3 times her weight =.=" Go figure.

It's easy for people to say to fat people: stop eating so much and to thin people: eat some more.
They don't know that the fat person is probably starving themselves and that the thin person is probably binge eating already. Everyone's bodies are different. Everyone has to eat differently as well. It's when you try to force a "normal" eating pattern on someone that things go wrong and eating disorders begin.


Re: Weight issues

Someone recommended those shakes to me before but it just got put on my list of things to try that i’ll never get around too >.> Took me forever just to book a doctors appointment.

Yeah i’ll be up and down those stairs at least twelve times in one day. They used to kill me but now I run while taking two at a time like a boss ;D Its one of the reasons why I haven’t joined my friends at the gym, they’d just be nothing left of me after fighting with those stairs all day.

Yeah whats the point of food if you can’t enjoy it xD If you know its down to the style of food you eat and you know how to potentially fix it then the idea of surgery is just too extreme. I don’t think anyone should ever be telling another to get surgery for those reasons.

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Lol. Anxiety can be very difficult. Totally get it though. I hate calling people too. But I've got no choice since I'm taking meds every day. So the prescription needs to be renewed each 6 months -sigh-

And indeed why go to the gym when you got your workout during the day :laughing:

I know exactly how to change my diet. Stop drinking soda, eat more vegetables and eat less meat.
Easier said than done. I'm trying to take smaller steps. Like drinking water more often (which ofcourse means I drink soda less) and eating less meat by replacing it with veggy meat. It's surprisingly good. :P I'm working on the vegetables thing. Which ain't easy since I've had horrible childhood experience which leads me to automatically gag whenever I even taste vegetables. It's horrible really. Thank you schoolteachers who loved to force-feed me vegetables. Even after I had my full already. My plate/lunchbox -had- to be empty. Ofcourse I'd throw up. So now I associated throwing up with vegetables.
I'm working on it, by tricking myself. I still live with my mom so I can have her help me. For example: I can't eat carrots. But I want to 'hide' it in my food by mashing it under my mashed potatoes. So I ask my mom to mash the potatoes and carrots so I don't have to see it.
I then asked her to do a dark sauce over it along with a piece of meat that you really need to chew on.
By tricking myself like this (just visually), I could reduce the gagging reflex I usually had. I think Im finally at a point where I no longer need the dark sauce to cover the potatoes. Once I succeed there, I'm gonna try having carrots on the side (maybe still mashed at first then no longer mashed).

It seems silly, but since this is working with carrots, I can move onto other vegetables and still get a dose of vegetables in. Even though the sauce is a fat maker. I just see it like little baby steps with the end goal being able to eat it without the sauce. And from that point on, the dish is no longer a fat maker but a vitamine shake haha.

I'm working on vegetables I actually -want- to eat first. Like carrots, lettuce, cucumber, peas (I like pea soup when it's completely blended, but hate the non blended variety. Ironic right), ... Once that threshold is overcome, I can move onto the vegetables that I hate even the smell of. Or not. I think if I start with those wanted vegetables, I'll be adding alot of vitamins to my diet already. Which is a good thing on so many different levels.

Last thing to fix is my amount of exercise. Which is very low right now. Need to up my game :p
(Wow wall of text, sorry ^^; )


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You know what I agree with that veggie meat statement. I was living with my best friend for about two years and he was a vegetarian. He used to purchase these chicken nuggets from the brand Quorn, and they were the best friggin chicken nuggets I had ever friggin tasted. Even though we're not living together anymore I still buy then.
AMG. Force feeding. I am the same with strawberry's, I remember my play school teacher tried force feeding me one even after I commented on how disgusting it looked. Never eaten a strawberry since :persevere:
I remember in school as well. I'm not sure how but me and my friend were no where near finishing our meals and were told by the teacher we were not permitted to return to class until our plates were empty, and she just left us there.
Not sure that was a punishment to be fair.
My elder sister found me an hour later (she was skipping class) and stole my flapjack, or brownie. one or the other.

By the sounds of things you eat more vegetables than me xD I live alone so buying veggies just turns out to be a waste of money as they just go off before I can eat all of them. My mum bought me these small bags of veggies those that you freeze and then microwave to heat up. They don't taste too bad and are an ideal size for me to eat.

You should try potato and leek soup. Its divine.

I think I understand your soup dilemma. Is it a texture thing? If something is both running and lumpy I usually can't eat it. Its like Yogurt, I usually avoid yogurt as i've had too many experiences of it being lumpy.

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Yeah I just saw this advert in one of the advert folders of the local stores and they have veggy chicken nuggets. I said to my mom: "I'm so getting them" Because so far, all the chicken vegetarian stuff I tried, all tasted so good.

I'm allergic to strawberries, so luckily I was never force fed those XD

And lol, if I was left in the cafeteria with my friend to finish my meal, I'd eat slower and slower each time just to spend more time there haha. Enjoying some quality time with my friend. With me, whenever that happened I was forcefed, or I was ridiculed in front of everyone.

More veggies than you? I doubt it: I eat 2 vegetables so far: spinach and carrots. Under mashed potatoes. That's it. And it's not every day...Maybe once a week. If lucky haha.

Totally get the waste of money part tho. Why don't you just buy 1 or 2 veggies only? Like only carrots or something? So you know you'll finish it in time? I go to a fruit and veggie store (specific store, not supermarket)
and I buy the products like 2 apples, 2 pears, 4 bananas....etc etc. Just to make sure we'll eat all of the fruits and veggies. And sometimes I go for just 4 pears or something haha.
But if those frozen small bags of veggies are just the right portion, then by all means stick to that.
Is easier to prepare aswell, so less of a bridge to cross to actually eat it. Rather than having it fresh and needing to clean and cut it all up.

I'm not really a soup person though haha. Pea soup is about the only one I'll drink. I absolutely -hate-
soup for the rest;
I guess it's because of the vegetables. It makes me gag. Or the taste is horrible. If it's very well blended so I can't get any bits in, then maybe I'll eat it. Or like only the broth and not eat any of the bits. Like chicken soup broth. I don't mind that hehe.


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I seriously lack motivation so on days when I do feel motivated I go out and buy fruit and veggies and the like and put them in the fridge, possibly eat some that same day. Then the next few days after that i'll have zero motivation and will just them them sit in my fridge unused. Im a huge food waster and I hate it.
So these frozen veggies are saving me a fortune xD

I'm a huge fan of tomato soup. But the tinned variety because I'm lazy and only need to heat it up :joy:

Had my blood tests today to test for the thyroid thing. Four and a half blooming vials of blood they took. My arms been aching all day. (Although when I had anaemia my arm used to swell like an egg shape after blood tests, glad I don't have to deal with that anymore)
Nurse was nice though, I made sure to apologise before she attempted to take blood though, every nurse I've had in the past has complained about getting blood from me. One even hinted about collapsed veins and drug abuse because she couldn't get blood from me. I honestly think they were just terrible at their job because this new nurse got it in one try, that or I'm just healthier than I used to be xD

Re: Weight issues

Turns out its not an overactive Thyroid.

The doctor who gave me the results was like "good news!"

I was like "Not for the weight lost."
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