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The forum tab doesn't lead to the forums?

Why is it that when you click the forum tab, it just brings a drop-down menu of post functions, but in order to actually reach the main forum board you have to click the home tab? Surely these could be better labelled to make the UI a bit easier to understand for people who aren't used to the layout of the site?

Re: The forum tab doesn't lead to the forums?



I could add a link in that dropdown menu of the forum tab where it says "Main Forum" or something and that leads you to the main forum board.
Sure then there are 2 links doing the same thing, but who cares right?

It's to make it easier for new people, like you said.

That might be a solution?

(Not 100% sure if I should call it main forum. If you have a better name for it, feel free to suggest!)


Re: The forum tab doesn't lead to the forums?

I'm not really sure to be honest. I just find it strange that the home tab doesn't lead to the home page. I guess rather than main forum if you were to add a link in the drop down menu you could maybe label it as forum index or something. I mean it's not even totally necessary, the layout just seems a little funky from my perspective is all.

Re: The forum tab doesn't lead to the forums?



The home page is the main forum index. There is no more "home"page like there used to be.
Forum index does sound better though than main forum.

Edit: I just added the link :)


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