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Shop Item Viewing Window

Ok so when I go into shops like The Ancient Temple and all the others when I go to view the item I cant just exit back out. it gets over lapped by my user information window instead. The only way I can get out of it without refreshing the page is to put it in a wish list or buy the item. It does it in the dream avatar creator too.

Re: Shop Item Viewing Window



Thanks for letting us know, unfortunately we already knew :laughing:

I actually had placed one of my apprentices on it, but they haven't gotten around to fixing it. I'll see when I have some more time for it, and see if I can't fix it myself....


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☙≔≔★☽★☽☆♰☆♆⩶⩶∗ B ∗ E ∗ A ∗ U ∗ T ∗ I […]

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