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[B] Lots

I ask that you please post what you are selling, and your asking price.
Snow Path
10th Roliversary Female Hair
snow fox
Nocturnal flower

all previous event items I missed or sold in the past.
If you have something not on the list please let me know I may be interested in buying it too!

Re: [B] Lots

Just lurkin' on Roliana xP
And I wanted to let you know that I your avi is super cute!!!! It looks so cozy <3 * u*
Goodluck buying :) Lolkbye~

Re: [B] Lots

@Cosmic Owl Thank you so very much hehe I wanted it to feel christmasy. :D

Re: [B] Lots

i have a winter coralberry if youre interested! ~

Re: [B] Lots

@iu I am interested hun how much are you seeking? :3

Re: [B] Lots

I'll sell it for really cheap! Just throw out a price and i'll sell it to you ~ It's a double I've had for a while and I don't really mind :- )

Re: [B] Lots

@iu does 5k sounds fair? :3

Re: [B] Lots

sure! send me a trade~
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