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Neighbours dumping rubbish in your bins

is one of my pet peeves.
But today they pushed it over the edge when a blood soiled hoody was sticking out of it.

I love my town…

So I just had to scoop it up into a plastic bag ready for the police to collect.
Not exactly how I expected to spend my evening...
They literally only just collected it 10 minutes ago. I believe it was because no assaults have been reported in the area so its not evidence for anything. So I had to deal with the stench of blood in my flat overnight D:
They just came in and asked a few questions that I had already answered on the phone, hung around the communal area for a bit to fill out paperwork then left.

Re: Neighbours dumping rubbish in your bins

Oh man, I would hate that too. I mean if my neighbours throw their trash in mine. Cause that means I'll be paying all the extra taxes too =.=" So no, I'd hate it. Since they're getting in my wallet >..> From a distance.

But omg, blood on...the..*faints*
I don't have my own bin for garbage pickup as I live in an apartment complex, but my apartment complex is so strict about garbage removal that if I throw a bag of trash into the dumpster and any of it doesn't actually make it into the dumpster, they look at it for any names or identifying marks etc. and fine the person the garbage belongs to $100. -_- Sometimes the dumpster is so full that when you go to throw some trash in it, it just bounces back out, that's not my fault! Also I hate that I can't put trash anywhere to keep it temporarily until I make a trip to the dumpster or I'll get fined for that too. So I just always have a full trash bag stashed in my sunroom because I'm lazy and also my trash tends to get full at nighttime and I'm not walking to the dumpster in the dark!

@`Nyuu Lol, nosebleed xD

Looked more like a major head injury. Blood all down the hood, collar and sleeves.

@freyate Ah it wasn’t that bad. I have quite a high tolerance to blood. Made my flat stink though, one thing I wasn’t happy about. You pay extra taxes on your rubbish? :open_mouth:

@insaneluzer The dark is about the only time I actually take rubbish out xD Because neighbours constantly fill my bins I have to put my rubbish in their bins, and I feel bad so I do it under the cover of darkness :waning_gibbous_moon:

Re: Neighbours dumping rubbish in your bins

Ugh, I hated it when neighbours put their trash into my can, that I paid for for me to use :(
Over here they also changed it so any can where the lid doesn't close will not be emptied by the garbage people.

To be fair, possible crime evidence is a bit of a more exciting than diapers and baby food....If also a bit worrying in regards to the neighbourhood.
Oh man. And I thought MY neighbors were inconsiderate :flushed:

We just have a neighbor that has a little boy, maybe 7 or 8 years old, who is a total spoiled snot. His own yard is always LITTERED with a serious plethora of toys, and he just drops them in others' yards and leaves them for days on end.

To solve that for my yard at minimum, every sunrise [which is my notice for bedtime, since we're night-shift people lol] I go around my yard and anything there that I didn't specifically PUT there, gets trashed. I've thrown shoes, jackets, plastic guns, basketballs, soccor balls, and all kinds of random nerf parts and pieces away.

Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the fact that he's a spoiled little snot, and bullies the sweet little neighbor girls. So I just make it my personal hobby to go out and parent the fuck out of him, when he's doing it in my yard. My yard, my house rules kiddo ;D
@Voldemort AMG, I would totally throw away his toys too if he just left them there. Or given them to charity if still in good condition. My nephews are spoilt to hell and back and I wish I could throw away their toys personally xD

@Francis We have the won’t be emptied if lid is open rule too D: Its how I noticed the hoody because it was half hanging out.
Lol, it did make a good story at work today xp
@ivydoodle Yeah, most of the toys aren't really in any condition to give to anyone. He treats them as crappily as he does the other kids in the neighborhood. T:

I've been tempted to clean the surrounding neighbors' yards, too, but I figure that might overstep. They may not mind seeing a bunch of stuff in their yard lol.

Re: Neighbours dumping rubbish in your bins

@ivydoodle : yeah in our country it's like this: we basically "borrow" the bin from the government and pay rental fees on it. Then every so often they send a truck to go through the streets to pick up the trash. They register the chip in the bin, hence knowing who the bin "belongs" to, weigh how much trash is in the bin, and dump the trash in their truck. Every year we then get billed for whatever trash weight we have thrown out. So if someone dumps their stuff in our bin, we have to literally pay for their trash.
Ah and: on that bill we have to pay extra taxes indeed. So it's like: the amount to rent the bin + the weight of the trash = some amount + 21% of the taxes on that amount to make up the end total. (Or was it 6%... I don't remember. Either way I don't like it)

@Voldemort : NICE!!! :thumbsup: I'd probably do the same thing. Our problem right now with the neighbour kids is that they deliberately kick the soccer ball on our property to annoy our dogs. The same kids actually threw rocks and sticks at our dogs for "fun".
Normally I'm very kid friendly, but I just HATE it when they misbehave.
freyate wrote:
Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:20 am
@Voldemort : NICE!!! :thumbsup: I'd probably do the same thing. Our problem right now with the neighbour kids is that they deliberately kick the soccer ball on our property to annoy our dogs. The same kids actually threw rocks and sticks at our dogs for "fun".
Normally I'm very kid friendly, but I just HATE it when they misbehave.
Dooooood you have no iddeeeeaaaaaa how similar this kid sounds to your neighbor kids. He actually convinced the GOOD neighbor kids to throw pieces of asphalt [!!! ASPHALT!] and stuff at a poor little opossum that was under their shed. Literally, was sunset, the poor thing was just waiting for nightfall to get to eat.

Re: Neighbours dumping rubbish in your bins

I don't get why parents allow their kids to misbehave so much! Honestly kids like that make me want to spank them but meh then I'll get arrested for child abuse because you can't spank your kids anymore. Gosh back in the day kids didn't misbehave like that because if parents found out they'd get spanked... Now they aren't afraid of anything anymore =/ I'm worried, very worried about the future of these kids...

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