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I'll just read this book ooooone more time

Do you guys ever do that thing where you re-read books and feel like you're discovering new things?

I have a book-series ("Earth's Children" by Jean M. Auel) that I read once a year or so, and I always discover new things.
I've read it in all three of the languages I speak, and while some things are lost in translation, there are other things that are cleared up as I don't always understand the complicated words the author uses in English.

I get totally lost in those books, it's like time stands still around me and I get sucked into their universe.
No matter how many times I read them, I don't get tired of them, y'know?

Got any books you guys feel that way about?
I don't really reread books all that often. They have to be ones I really love and even then usually I remember too much of what happened so it's not entertaining to me to read it too close together. Some books I'll ready 3 or 4 years apart though.

Re: I'll just read this book ooooone more time

That's me with the Pendragon Adventure. Especially in the last three books of the series, I feel like I missed a good few details that hindered my ability to comprehend the ending. So I started rereading the last couple books. I'm planning to reread the entire series (10 books), hopefully in one "go." I could reread this series forever. xD

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