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Wait that's how it works?!

Last night I was messing around on my tablet, just doodling, and was holding the pen weird so I was pressing on the tip. I noticed that when I do that it acts as if I'm pressing it against the tablet... And so I learned that my old tablet is only a pressure sensor, not connection between the pen tip and surface like I previously thought. So now I can do traditional drawings, lay the paper on top of the tablet, and trace my lines to make it digital for coloring! :D Only took me nearly 10 years lol.

Have you guys ever found a new function after a ridiculously long time?

Re: Wait that's how it works?!



Oh yes. Definitely. I get the same exact feeling every time I work on Roliana. I look for months for a solution, quit looking and basically give up and then while working on something else, I stumble upon a feature and am like "wait this can solve that issue.". It then takes me 5 minutes to fix things and I cry for all the time I wasted searching for a solution T_T


Re: Wait that's how it works?!

@Stylo What?! How do you open yours? I mean, I haven't replaced a nub once since I got it, but it's good to know how lol. I have no idea where my little baggie of spare nubs that came with it are.

@freyate I think that happens to me all the time when I'm poking around in visual novel and CSS code, but then it's something that I already tried and didn't work. xD;; I've ended up keeping thorough notes in the comments so I know what I've tried and what works.
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