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Smooth move Shamus...

I am extremely homesick for Ireland and I just listened to a folk song about my situation (living abroad and being homesick for Ireland) and that was not the best idea because now its 10 times worse. Lol.

Way to go Shamus, smarty pants...
I :heart: :ie:

Re: Smooth move Shamus...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. Being homesick sucks big-time *hugs*
I grew up in another country before I moved to Denmark even though I am Danish, and my parents still live in the other country (Norway). I sometimes listen to Norwegian music or watch Norwegian tv-shows to feel like I'm there again, but like with you, it tends to make the homesickness worse.

I'm curious, what made you move out of Ireland?

Re: Smooth move Shamus...

*hugs* being homesick sucks. Hopefully, you'll be able to go home for a visit or something soon?

Re: Smooth move Shamus...

@Nova Oh wow! I see. Why did you leave Norway?
I was forced to leave Ireland. I was a little kid when we moved to America. I dont know why we moved. I'm not trying to brag but we had it made. We lived with my uncle in a very high class neighborhood in a house that is now worth over 5 million Euros. My da was nice, not an depressed, asshole of an alcoholic. We didnt worry about money and my mom had my uncle and aunt to watch my twin brother and I. Then we moved and we lived in a rough neighborhood, in a really shitty apartment. My da realized he made a huge mistake and that we were stuck there for good now and he became depressed and self medicated with booze and became mean and abusive. It was so different. We went from a good life to a crappy one.

@nightmarefollow -hugs back- It does suck and I was supposed to go July 1st to 7th when I had summer vacation from work (I am a teacher) but my fiancée's is pregnant and our baby is due on June 28th. I cant just leave right after my new son is born. So, I am not going until god knows when. Its depressing.

Re: Smooth move Shamus...

Oh wow, that's terrible =(

I was born in Denmark, but my parents moved to Norway when I was 3. I never thrived in Norway, I was constantly reminded that I was an outsider, and I always felt different than the others.
Plus, my parents moved to the north of Norway, so fundamental things like good teachers and mental health care was not very... There weren't much of it.
I went to boarding school in Denmark for a year when I was 15/16, and I realised to accessible everything was there, and how mch more relaxed many of the people seemed.
When I was 20, I got two jobs, and started saving up money, and as soon as i could... I was outta Norway.

Aaaand that's the long story about how Nova went from Denmark to Norway to Denmark :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Smooth move Shamus...

Ah I see. I know how that feels, to be the outsider because you are foreign. My kindergarten year was a bad year for not just me but my twin brother. Kids were mean to us and made fun of our accents. There were a lot of things my brother and I thought was normal that they thought was weird. For one, Irish people have a hard time pronouncing the "T-h" sound, so its said as "d" or "t". There is a rhyme that teachers have little Irish kids repeat in their Junior Infants year (which is for 4 year olds): "This, that, these, those. That's the way the T-h goes." But they all just yell back "Dis, dat, dese, dose. Dat's de way te T-h goes!" So, in my kindergarten year in America (my first school year there mind you) my accent was heavy and they made fun of my accent and everything with it, especially the "T-h" thing. They'd tell me I was an idiot who couldnt talk right. Now that I have lived here for 33 years, I lost my accent and now sound American. They teased us for other things, not just accents but that was easiest for them to tease us for because at some point during the day, we had to talk.
Its cool that you got to go back. Now that I have a family and fiancée, I cant go back. I dont want to uproot everyone and split us apart because not all my kids live with me. Unfortunately, I'm stuck here. Its okay though, America isnt bad. I just will always be Irish first.
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