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Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

I'd like to see more, but I know you always do simple :)

I was trying to make an avi I liked with those cats, too, but couldn't. Maybe next time.
So I made this instead, lol.

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]


I absolutely love the colors! I don't think I've usually seen those together much.
Only thing that bothers me is how the shin/feet area just kind of blends in with the background. I'd really like to see some of that mint-y color on the feet. (I know those bow shoes have two poses, maybe there combine it with the mint pair, too?)

Great job!

Re: [ Rate the Avatar Above You ]

xxxx » » x C H U * x S A Y S . . .

xx__Post 28
xx__I like how you broke up the colours instead of mixing them between each other.
xx__I will say that there is a little too much ghost at the feet imo.
xx__Maybe more of the teal colours/bright yellow?

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