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Re: Faraway Galaxy Gradient Hair

I wear male clothes IRL too. :p Since I don't like wearing low necklines and they tend to be higher on male tops.

Re: Faraway Galaxy Gradient Hair

I'm fine with a little bit of cleavage. Male clothes need to either be lose, or at least made of a forgiving fabric on me because of the melons attached to my chest...

Re: Faraway Galaxy Gradient Hair


I'm contemplating making a new NEW avi with this hair, but combining the blues and golds.

Though orange and yellow are some of my favorite colors, I'm a sucker for offsetting cool tones with warm ones.

Re: Faraway Galaxy Gradient Hair


I also gotta love our dark skin-one bases. I feel like they work so much better for making certain items pop against the avi. Gave some underused items some love here, too. The Medieval dress with gems from the Djinn MI work so awesomely.

I also discovered that the Dark Blonde Vixen Ponytail works REALLY well with the Sol front hair. <3

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